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Show Up In Style At Your Next Special Event By Renting a Exotic or Luxury Car!

Are you planning for a vacation or your honeymoon? You should consider hiring a luxury car to make the trip even more memorable, or maybe a sports car perhaps? However, it isn’t always easy to find exclusive vehicles and exotic cars.

Cadillac XTS

The following blog can serve as a guide for your search for the perfect car, and what to expect while you’re browsing for the perfect vehicle. Reliance Group has you covered for all your exotic car needs.

The options: According to car rental companies and tour operators, there is a huge demand for high end vehicles in the United States. Cruising down California’s Pacific Coast Highway or making your way through the nearest towns in an open-top car are bucket list experiences. Furthermore, the rates can be surprisingly cheap.

Where to book: There are a number of big rental companies that have collections of luxurious cars such as Cadillac Escalade Limousine, BMW X6 Limo, Rolls Royce Ghost, Maybach 62s, Sprinter. Also, you can surf through the internet and look for high-end vehicles on the websites of mainstream car rental brokers, or you can consult our experts at Reliance Group they deal with high volumes of requests for luxury car rentals on a daily basis.

Other tips: Keep in mind when you are renting a luxury vehicle, that the usual rental age is a bit higher than your usual car rental booking, many will require that you be at least 28-35 years old in order to rent a luxury vehicle.

When booking a car, make sure you check out for words “or similar” by the kind of car you want to rent. In case you like a specific model, opt for a deal where it is guaranteed. Any upgrades provided at depots are usually for big cars, and not for premium brands. The rental of standard vehicles includes unlimited mileage, although this is not the case with top of the range cars.

Keep in mind: Although sports cars are great ways to get around, and provide for a thrilling ride experience. Do be mindful of what you pack, since sports cars tend to have smaller trunks, they usually cannot accommodate too much luggage.

Who Are We?

Reliance Group is a leading provider of exotic cars at affordable prices. As a Reliance Limousine client, you can expect service vehicles that are not only exotic and exclusive, but also well maintained, reliable, and safe. Contact us to schedule your elite transportation experience by calling us at (718) 850-9100 or (212) 671-2263 today.