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Wedding Diaries: Preparations for perfect dream wedding

Wedding is one of the most special day of the bride and groom. This is the day you would reminisce for the rest of your life. And to make this day a success, there are preparations that have to be done in order to make sure that everything goes smoothly. The beauty is in the details and following tasks should be taken care of before the special day arrives

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner can help you get the wedding reception of your dreams. They have a  knack of covering even the tiniest details of the occasion. They also have good connections in the industry which can help you choose the best services in the business, may it be the catering company or decoration services. To have an expert guiding you with all the planning can be really helpful.

Wedding Venue

You can choose a place that has a special significance for your relationship or you can simply choose popular spots in the town that are famous for wedding receptions. If you book a banquet hall for your reception, ensure that it can accommodate your guest list and then some more. You don’t want to be unprepared due to some surprise guests visiting your party.

Wedding Gown And Bridesmaids Dress

Prepare well in advance for the dress of your dreams. The gown has to be just perfect. For that you need to have it made beforehand and have your final fitting few days before your wedding. And the dress for bridesmaid should also be made weeks in advance. Make sure to select the flowers you want to carry.

Wedding Cake

Choose a reputed baker to have your wedding cake made. Have the cake tasting part done with your groom. The cake decoration should also be intricate. According to your taste and decorations, you can select a cake design that matches the theme. The cake toppers symbolize you and your groom, so you can give your ideas to the baker about the kind of look you want it to have.

Wedding Limo

Hiring a perfect transport for yourself and your party guests that fits the majesty and elegance of the wedding occasion is important. And nothing better than a stylish limousine to complete your royal feel on this special day. The chauffeur dressed in a tux would steer you and the guests from the reception hall to the venue. Flute glasses and champagne , and bottled water, all these added services provided by many limo service providers would be appreciated by the guests. Make sure to hire limousines according to the number of guests. Hire the services of a reputed limo rental company in NYC that provide best service at cheap price.

Feel Royal With The Professional Limo Service At Your Doorstep

Limousine is the classic mode of travelling which allows the passenger to feel royal. Getting to your destination in a flair and impressing your guests with your premium choice of transportation is one of the perks to hire a Rental limo in NYC.

Whether the limo is for a birthday bash, or for sightseeing purpose, wedding transport or wine tours, limousine offers you amazing option that can help you travel in style and safety. Here are few tips you can utilise to hire the right limo rental services:

  • Reviews And References:

Check the reviews given by the previous customers online. Take references from your circle for a reputed limo rental service. This is the best way to know about the work of any company.

  • Years In Business:

The best way to ensure that everything is perfect for your transportation is to hire limo company that has in depth expertise in transportation. The limo rental company ensure that everything goes smoothly without any glitch. Also check the experience of the chauffeur.

  • Fleet:

There are numerous options for you to choose from. You can go for Stretch limos, BMW, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Party Bus, Bentley Mulsanne and many other exotic vehicles. A decent limo rental company would always provide you with wide range of vehicles to choose from.

  • Limo Rental Charges:

The limo companies have a series of charges that they add on the base rate. Tolls, fuel charges, and there are many other charges that vary from company to company. Make sure to get a clear picture from the company so you are not surprised later on. The final charges should be inclusive of all the other fees.

  • Safety Factor:

Check the license and the certification of the limo company. You do not want to be held liable afterwards, so it is better to check these important aspects earlier. The chauffeurs should have professional training.

Following these factors, you can rest assured that the quality transportation you chose, is the one you get later on.

Seeing New York City Through Party Bus

It doesn’t matter whether you are a visiting traveller or a permanent resident of New York City, the city has a lot to offer to everyone. The vitality of the city is unlimited and you can always find a new way to get a taste of it. Times Square, Statue of Liberty, the historic Brooklyn Bridge, you name it. The five most important boroughs, i.e., Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island, will never bore you out even if you are living in one of them.

You have all the options laid out once you decide to get around NYC. Subways, Bus, taxi, Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus –every means of communication is available that can take you to any stretch of the city without any ado. One best option could be walking, which is one of the reasons behind the popularity as it has been tagged as the “world’s largest walking city”. All the boroughs can be covered on foot.

But, if you have tried each one of these and is looking for a new medium to find adventure or just doesn’t have enough time, but the willingness to explore the city to its fullest, go for party bus rentals. Travelling in a luxury vehicle can be an incredible and never before experience. It is also the perfect option if you are looking forward to travel door-to-door in any venue in the city in a small amount of time. The service can be easily booked with the help of your concierge or you can find it yourself by searching for them online.

One can easily find all kinds of party bus rental NYC, limousines, and other luxury bus and car rentals to accommodate your family size within your budget. This might not be suitable for first-timers and they can take the HOHO or the regular bus, provided the weather is good.

And, finally the fun part – these party buses are loaded with all the amenities that you need for an awesome tour. Music, wine, sumptuous food, etc., any you name can easily be arranged in anticipation and you can get on with your citywide exploration full throttle.