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7 Wonderful Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Transportation

Every just to be married couple have seen numerous wedding movies with tin cans attached on the back of the car and a “Just Married” sign on the rear window.

However, your wedding transportation need not be so simple. The wedding transportation can be as unique as the couple themselves. As one of the leading providers of limo service in New York, we work with numerous couples to decorate the wedding limo to match with their wedding theme.

However, it is important that you take necessary precautions while decorating the limo to ensure that there is no damage to your well being and the car.

To make the decoration work, here are a few amazing tips to adorn the car you are going to take as a married:

License Plate
One of the most amazing ways to decorate the car is by adding a front license plate that boldly says just married. This is perfect for the couple who like simple things in life but still want to get the message across. This simple license plate will look great with other decoration.

Colorful Tulle
Draped on the front or sides, the colorful tulle looks good and would easily match with the theme of the wedding. As the tulle comes in a variety of colors, it can be easily mixed and matched.

Custom Mirror Frame Cling
Writing directly on the wedding limo can damage the car, thus the best way to do that is to use the stick on decals. These decals come in various sizes and can be used to get the message across. One of the ways that are trending in the wedding industry is the Custom Mirror Frame Cling. The custom mirror can be used to write couples initials, wedding date and even names on the limo.

Window Clings
Another way to make your getaway transportation unique is by putting in the window clings. The clings have a variety of messages and signs such as Together Forever, Newlyweds or classic Just Married on it.

Flower Bows
A trend that is making rounds in the wedding industry is the flower bows. Elegant white bows along with the theme flowers make the car doors and even door handle look more beautiful.

Decorating Kit
Numerous places these days offer a car decorating kit. You can have all the decorating stuff in a single place without any worry of forgetting or misplacing them. The kit includes decals, cut-outs, paper wedding bells and more.

Car Flag
If you are a simple couple who like small and unique things then the car flag decoration is just for you. The simple car flag is the perfect way to give your wedding vehicle a bit of oomph without going overboard.

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