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Tips To Determine The Right Transportation For Your Wedding

A wedding is the most important day in everyone’s life. It’s the time when two people take vows to start a new relationship. Almost everyone dreams of their wedding since childhood to make it the best day of life.

With the changing demands, wedding trends have undergone extreme changes, especially transportation and couture have reached to another level. Wedding limousine car rental in NYC is the latest and most common wedding trend. But, there are plenty of wedding transportation options that it becomes difficult to determine the perfect transportation for your wedding day.

An experienced and reputable car rental company will help you make the right decision for wedding transportation. We, at Reliance NY Group offer great deals for wedding transportation as well as explain the customers about specifications and features of each vehicle.

However, below we’ve given a few considerations which can help you make the right choice for wedding transportation.

What is the event? – You must consider the type of event while hiring wedding transportation. Often, every car rental company offers different fleet options, so depending on your requirement and preferences you can opt the right wedding transportation for yourself and your guests. If your wedding event is a gala event, you may need transportation accordingly. Nowadays, people follow the trend of hiring a vehicle as per the theme of the wedding.

Number of passengers – Another important consideration when determining the right wedding transportation is for how many people you’re booking a wedding car rental. If you miss this while making plans for your wedding, it could spoil the whole day. Plus, there may occur situation when you feel like gathering is too big to fit into the limo. Therefore, the best option is to book a limo for your entry to the wedding venue and hire a party bus for your guests.

Budget – Your budget is the most crucial factor to consider while you determine the right wedding car rental. You should never fall into debt to get your hands on the best wedding limo car. That’s why always hire the vehicle that fits perfectly to your budget.

Besides these things, the atmosphere should also be taken into care while determining the best wedding transportation option. Are you searching for wedding limousine car rental in NYC? Feel free to call us – Reliance NY Group – 1(718) 850-9100. We offer limo car services for various occasions such as a wedding, corporate event, sports event, prom night, and more.

4 Things You Should Do While Booking Your Wedding Transportation

Deciding transportation for the wedding is tough. Every small detail needs to be planned. An unplanned wedding often leads to chaos.

While selecting the wedding transportation there are a few things that need to be answered. You will have to decide if the bridal party will travel with you or you want to hire different transportation for them and what kind of amenities you want in your wedding transportation?

At Reliance Group NY, we make sure that you choose the right vehicle for your special occasion.

Here are a few things you should know:

While your driver does not need to know every single detail of your wedding, it is important that you map out the details down to the second. Our wedding limo comes with a chauffeured driver that will make sure that you are always on time.

Creating a timeline will help you map out the places where you will spend the majority of your day and at what time you would need to be there. The driver will help you save time and make sure that there is always extra time for emergencies. If your wedding is in the prom season or around a major holiday, make sure you start your transportation search as early as you can.

Wedding transportation is often thought as one of the biggest parts of the wedding budget but it is really not. Our limos are not only affordable but have a class unmatched by other wedding transportation companies. Before you go in and book the limo, see the limo, sit in it and make sure that you have enough room for the bridal party.

The Fine Print
Once you have created a map and found the right limo, you need to read the fine print in detail. The written agreement that would be signed by you and us will include the total cost, refund, gratuity policy, deposits required and more. The agreement will include the inclusive price. Make sure you always need the fine print.

Prepare Yourself
Once you have booked the limo and finished with the formalities, you would need to email or fax your timeline to ensure that the limo driver can take you on all places without any problem. All our drivers are well versed in the routes and have the ability to quickly move through the traffic.

We, at Reliance Group, offer deluxe car and wedding transportation rental services with nominal costs. You can also opt for party buses, limo buses, classic limousine, Hummer, Bentley or any other transportation. We assure you that your travel with us will be a memory that you will always cherish.

Choosing right Wedding Transportation without Putting a Huge Dent in the Savings


A wedding is one of the most important events in any person’s life. It is not just only about two people coming together and sharing a life. It also includes a whole bunch of planning, organizing, supervising and creating an occasion that is memorable for couples and guests alike.

From booking the venue to selecting the right wedding dress and choosing the right wedding limousine, it is also important that you don’t put a huge dent in your savings. In this blog, we explain how you can get the best wedding transportation service that makes your wedding memorable, exciting and fun for everyone present.

Complement the theme

While selecting the right wedding transportation, make sure that the vehicle you select complements the theme of your wedding. If your wedding is the traditional one, we advise you to go with the classic wedding limousines.

For the wedding that is more of a private affair, the classic Bentley or Hummer will look more beautiful. Remember, the purpose of the wedding transportation is not just dropping you off or picking you up. Its main purpose is to ensure that you arrive in style for your wedding day. It should ensure that all eyes are on you.


The next thing you must know before selecting the transportation is the number of people who would be traveling with you. Is the wedding limousine only for the newly-wed couple or would other family members be traveling with them?

Think and answer. Wedding limousines work well with large as well as small groups. Being the classic transportation, they are sure to never go out of style and suit each and every kind of wedding theme.

Understand your budget

While wedding transportation is not going to as inexpensive as arriving in your car, it is not extremely high-priced that you won’t be able to afford. While planning for the wedding, make sure you set the budget for the transportation.

Remember that budget while shopping and understand the car you can afford. It is very important that you get all the details right. It is not necessary that you include whole wedding party. You can even select the perfect car for you and your better half.

When it comes to wedding transportation, getting best service is everything. We at, Reliance Group, offer deluxe transportation for your lavish wedding. Whether you opt for a wedding limousine, Hummer, Bentley or any other transportation we assure you that your wedding would be the occasion and memory that you will always cherish.

4 Mistakes Not to Make While Hiring Wedding Transportation

Mistakes Not to Make While Hiring Wedding Transportation

Imagine. It is the day of your wedding. Your groom is waiting at the venue and you are stuck waiting for the transportation. Seems like a nightmare, doesn’t it? It is!

As a bride, you’ll have to manage and plan the wedding of your dreams. You don’t want to end up missing something important like wedding transportation or relying on an untrustworthy transportation company.

While your brain is running and planning all the aspects of your wedding, you don’t want to make these basic wedding transportation mistakes:

Don’t hire the amateurs
The first thing you should do is book professional wedding transportation company. Do not go for the amateurs. Do not opt for a transportation company just because you hire them always or your maid of honor had them at her wedding.

Opt for the company that is known for the best services in the wedding sector. By booking the professional transport company, you’ll have the peace of mind through the entire wedding process. You can also opt for arriving with your groom if you are having a casual wedding.

Only considering limousines
One mistake that every bride makes is opting for limousines. Limousines were the “IT” wedding cars a few years back. Nowadays, the bride and groom opt for the cars or transportation mode that suit their personas.

According to the theme and your personality, you can opt for the bicycles, motorcycles, party bus, Bentleys, Rolls-Royce and more. It all depends on what will suit and go with your wedding theme.

A professional wedding transportation company would be able to provide you numerous choices. Make sure you look at them all before selecting the one.

Not reading the contract properly
Do not skim through the contract or make the mistake of not reading it at all. The contract is what binds the wedding transportation to its promises.

You don’t want them backing out or making changes last minute. You might also end up with an extra service fee. Read the contract carefully and focus on each and every point.

Do not leave anything to fate or to the oral promises. Double and triple-check everything before you sign. You can even make the manager or owner explain the points or clauses that you are not sure of.  From the pickup location to drivers name should be present in the contract.

Forgetting  the delays
Your wedding transportation’s timing will decide how the ceremony will proceed from there. If you are late to the church, whole wedding event will be pushed.

Thus, not be late to your own wedding, add a 20 to 30 mins delay time. This means that if you are early, you can wait and in case you got traffic or had some emergency, you will be on time. Only thinking about the wedding day.

Do you still have to book the transportation for the wedding? Are you looking for something other than limousines?

Contact Reliance Group. We are wedding transportation in the state of New York renowned for our amazing fleet.

5 Wedding Transportation Tips for Your New York Wedding


Planning for a wedding in New York? If yes, you will definitely seek the best wedding transportation that can make your journey more comfortable and fantastic.

Here, some of the efficient wedding transportation tips are given. Have a look at these tips and make your wedding a memorable event of the life. Unless you are having only one venue with plentiful parking close everybody you know, getting yourself and your guests where they should be is not generally a simple assignment.

Besides, offering transportation keeps any intoxicated heading to a base too. Here are some riding-in-style wedding transportation tips to ensure no one gets left stranded in transit to your rockin’ party.

  • Book individual transportation well ahead of time

On the off chance that you will be reserving a limo, bus, bike etc for your own travel requirements, book it as ahead of schedule as would be prudent, ideally 5-7 months in advance. This is particularly valid if you are the wedding is around prom season (April-June) and you are searching for a formal or vintage auto or limousine.

  • Think outside about the limo

Numerous urban areas have wonderful transport services of which to exploit. Gathering transports, sanctions, vintage Volkswagens, outside trolleys, hearses, and strength transports can be marvellous limo choices that can convey heaps of individuals.

Or, then again, run old fashioned with a leased school transport. School locale will regularly lease transports at very moderate costs.

  • Consider outside cars and buses totally

From the silly (skateboards) to the sublimely dreamy (Batmobile!), we have observed plenty of non-car options in our time. Think bicycles, horse-drawn carriages, helicopters, bike rickshaws, farm equipment, golf carts and more. See further plans here.

  • Take a gander at your rental before you sign

In the event that you are reserving a car, limo, or transport, don’t hesitate to make a request to see the vehicle before you consent to any arrangements. It may not be your correct car, but rather it will be simpler to imagine what you are getting into before you confer.

  • Consider your wedding party

It’s not necessary to pull your team around, but rather it beyond any doubt is pleasant in the event that you can manage the cost of it. This could be an awesome chance to look at the bigger transport/trolley alternatives. Or, then again check whether there’s some homegrown ride-sharing potential if everybody is heading starting with one scene then onto the next.

Consider out-of-towners

Non-local people won’t know the traditions in your area and may require a few hints to enable them to get around. Incorporate some accommodating data in your welcome like taxicab organization numbers, bicycle rentals, and open transportation alternatives. You may likewise need to have this convenient on your wedding site, in the event that you have one.

In the event that you have a lodging square, you can likewise check whether they have any arrangements for transportation to your setting and back (and even to the air terminal, if that is relevant!)