Different Types Of Limousines To Choose From

Limos are the perfect combination of luxury, intelligence, and intuitive design. Getting to travel in such a luxurious and intimidating motor vehicle is everybody’s dream come true. Class and luxury are defined by limousines. Limos form the perfect ride when it comes to travelling in style to various events such as weddings, prom nights, corporate meetings, and many more.

For instance, imagine yourself prepping for the most important night of your school life, PROM! You have ordered the best dress, the perfect sandals, and adorable accessories to look dapper, but have you thought of your ride that will complete your look and make you the star of the night?

Do not think further, book a prom limo in New York right away. Limos are the perfect way to make some heads turn. These vehicles are incredibly spacious, so if you want to take your crew along, a limo will be the perfect ride. It can easily fit upto twelve individuals.

A limousine is equipped with top class amenities such as a full bar, a digital TV, advanced music system, and all things luxurious. When it come sto booking a vehicle for an event, the most common and trusted source is booking a limo.

When you have finally decided to book a limo, the next question in the process is to determine the limo type that you wish to travel in. Limos come in a variety of models that you can choose from. It is essential for you to ponder over your needs and ascertain the correct limo type for you. One thing that is sure is that whichever limousine you choose, you will undoubtedly experience the best ride of your life.

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Here is a guide mentioning different types and models of limousines that you can choose from.

Sedan Limos: This limo type is comfortable and luxurious in every possible way. 3-4 people can easily be fitted in a sedan limo. This is one of the most affordable options if you wish to travel in a limousine. A sedan limo is ideal for people going for corporate meetings. Hiring a sedan limo can help in creating a positive first impression on your clients.

Limousine bus: If you are not satisfied with the limo options presented to you, you can rent a limo bus to fit your guests. You will be able to enjoy all luxuries offered in limousines. Approximately 30 people can be fitted into a limo bus. You can experience the luxury of leather seats, climate control options, a separate partition for privacy, tinted window screens, and various other digital options.

Hummer: A hummer limo is robust looking and carries a jagged look. It is very spacious and can accommodate upto 12 people at one time. Since it is very spacious, one can enjoy inbuilt casinos, TV sets, and the convenience of a full bar.

Stretch Limo: Stretch limousines are another version of a sedan limousine. Around 4-5 people can be accommodated in this limousine. A stretch limousine is inclusive of features such as bars, flutes, advanced lighting, and various other digital options.

At Reliance Group, we can help you choose the best limo option to make your event extra special and worth remembering. If you are looking for a prom limo in New York or a limo for your wedding, we have all the right options for you.