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Top Perks Of Hiring A Wedding Limousine In NY

Who doesn’t want to feel like a celebrity and drive in style at the most auspicious event in their life? Hiring a wedding limousine service in NY from the Reliance Group could help you get that feeling. There is no occasion as special as your wedding, and it is essential to enjoy a special treatment on such a felicitous day.

While making plans for your wedding, there are a lot of decisions that have to be taken. It is vital to pre-plan everything to avoid any chaos during your special day. Selecting the best of everything, food, clothes, and transportation is vital before your wedding day arrives. You can consider on hiring a limousine to make your day extra special and make heads turn.

Hiring a wedding limo for your wedding will add a pinch of luxury and comfort to the day that you have always dreamed about. What is better than a chauffeur all dressed up comes to escort you to your wedding destination while you sit in the luxury of your car and cherish each moment of your wedding day and bachelorhood with your friends. Limousines are so spacious and comfortable that they can accommodate all of your bridesmaids easily. Also, it eases your transportation as you do not have to drive to the wedding location on your own.

Below mentioned are the top perks of hiring a wedding limousine in NY

  • Enjoy a comfortable ride: It is evident that the average bridal dress takes a lot a space because of its flare. Driving while dressed up in a wedding gown can be very difficult and risky as well. Limousines offer a lot of comfort and space so that you do not face any problem in travelling till your wedding destination.
  • Budget friendly: Limousines are luxury cars, but you can rent them at a very affordable price. If you select other modes of transportation, you might not get satisfied by the level of service that they offer. If you wish to accomodate you whole wedding brigade and have them travel with you, hiring a limo is the ideal solution.
  • Style and luxury: Limousine is undoubtedly a luxury car, therefore hiring it to travel till your wedding destination would not only add to the luxury, but also add style to your travel. You are sure to make some heads turn when you reach your destination in a limousine.
  • Safe travel: Travelling in a wedding limo is a safe option as you will not have to drive on your own wearing a bulky wedding gown. The chauffeur will take you safely to your destination. All you have to do is sit back comfortably and enjoy the ride.

At The Reliance Group, we provide a range of limousine cars for any occasion to make your ride comfortable and smooth. Our chauffeurs are licensed and well trained and will ensure that your ride is safe and you reach your destination on time.

Uber vs limousine service: What’s the Verdict?

Since its startup in 2009, Uber has quickly become the go to transportation option for the majority of New Yorkers. The services of Uber are extremely easy to use as drivers can be found within a few minutes.

However the future of the Uber has been in scrutiny for a last few years. As a practical option limo service in NYC has been so far successful. At Reliance Group NY, our clients have opted for the limo more than Uber as the limos are more practical, comfortable and fun.

Professional Experiences
Everyday we read a lot about Uber horror stories. From weird drivers, to ones that sell drugs or hit passengers, Ubers are not as safe as they used to be. Many of these drivers are still working with Uber and the company do not have right controls in pace to keep everything extremely professional.

This however is not the case with the limo service. Our drivers are extremely professional and well versed in the routes of the New York. As a leading limo service in NYC, we ensure that the limo ride is fun and relaxing for our clients. The best part about choosing a limo is the ability to travel with family and friends in a group.

Supports Fair Businesses
The drivers work with Uber and thus, Uber classifies them as contractors rather than employees. The contractors are not given the same benefits as the employees namely – worker’s compensation, minimum wage, health insurance and more.

Our limo drivers are not only our employees but are our family. They are trustworthy individuals with multitude of positive reviews.

Stylish Transportation
Uber is a basic car services that transports a person from point A to point B. It is also the cheapest option in the New York. Limo on the other hand is not cheap but affordable transport option that also provides you with pizzazz, style and experience.

You cannot hope to get a limo arrive at your doorstep when you opt to ride with Uber.

For the fancy events such as weddings, prom, bachelor or bachelorette parties, corporate events or just a night out in town, limo is the way to go.

While Uber is still a great way to travel In NYC, a luxury limousine is always a better option. No matter where you are travelling, if you want to arrive in style, our experienced limo chauffeur will make your ride unforgettable.

We, at Reliance Group, offer deluxe car and limo service in NYC in nominal costs. You can opt for party buses, limo buses, classic limousine, Hummer, Bentley or any other transportation. We assure you that your travel with us will be a memory that you will always cherish.

6 Dos and Don’ts When Hiring a Prom Limo in New York

Over the past few years, prom limo has been increasing in popularity among youngsters in New York. A limousine ride is not only one of the spotlights of prom night, but also for various other occasions from bachelorette and bachelor parties, birthday celebrations, family reunions, corporate events or parties, wedding, anniversary and the list goes on.

The comfortable, stress-free and luxurious rides, make limo the most preferred choice. So, to ensure the best experience with the prom limo in New York, we have the top dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind. We Reliance group, a transportation company offers various car rental services for different occasions.

Ask questions to the limo service provider - Before you hire a limo car for prom night, you need to ask a few questions to the luxury car service provider. Make sure you ask the company about the model and condition of their fleets, which is essential for a safe and secure ride. Hire a company that has modern and well-maintained limo cars. Do not book from a company whose fleet is more than decades old.

Do not bring along extra people for the ride - Take it as a tip that every car comes with a specific limit of passengers it can accommodate. Usually, most of the prom limos can easily make space for 18 – 30 individuals and a full-size party limo has enough space for up to 55 people. Make sure you confirm with limo rental company about the maximum passenger capacity of the car before bringing more people for the ride.

Avoid hiring a prom limo at the minute - Generally, you should hire the limo about a week before your prom night. However, most people book the party buses at the minute when all the vehicles of the luxury car service provider are hired. To avoid such inconvenience, consider booking the prom limo in New York a few days before the event.

Be kind to the driver - The drivers of a luxury limo cars are well-trained to be courteous and respectful at all times. As a passenger, it’s your responsibility to maintain the decorum and avoid ill-treating the driver.

Don’t forget about drinking policies for teenagers - Teenagers are not allowed to carry alcohol in the party buses, hope you’re well familiar with this policy. For instance, if you’re a minor bring the alcohol in the limo car, the driver will not allow your entry into the vehicle.

Try to be on time for the scheduled pick-up and drop-off - Another important thing to consider while hiring a prom limo is that you should always be on time for the scheduled pick-up and drop-off, as the luxury car service companies charge on an hourly basis for the limo car. So, to avoid paying extra charges, make sure everyone board the prom limo as soon as possible.

Hiring a prom limo in New York is not only for becoming a spotlight of the event, but it also offers comfort as well as safety. Have a prom night up? Visit our webpage to explore all the options available: We are the leading limo service provider in the state of New York.


4 Things You Should Do While Booking Your Wedding Transportation

Deciding transportation for the wedding is tough. Every small detail needs to be planned. An unplanned wedding often leads to chaos.

While selecting the wedding transportation there are a few things that need to be answered. You will have to decide if the bridal party will travel with you or you want to hire different transportation for them and what kind of amenities you want in your wedding transportation?

At Reliance Group NY, we make sure that you choose the right vehicle for your special occasion.

Here are a few things you should know:

While your driver does not need to know every single detail of your wedding, it is important that you map out the details down to the second. Our wedding limo comes with a chauffeured driver that will make sure that you are always on time.

Creating a timeline will help you map out the places where you will spend the majority of your day and at what time you would need to be there. The driver will help you save time and make sure that there is always extra time for emergencies. If your wedding is in the prom season or around a major holiday, make sure you start your transportation search as early as you can.

Wedding transportation is often thought as one of the biggest parts of the wedding budget but it is really not. Our limos are not only affordable but have a class unmatched by other wedding transportation companies. Before you go in and book the limo, see the limo, sit in it and make sure that you have enough room for the bridal party.

The Fine Print
Once you have created a map and found the right limo, you need to read the fine print in detail. The written agreement that would be signed by you and us will include the total cost, refund, gratuity policy, deposits required and more. The agreement will include the inclusive price. Make sure you always need the fine print.

Prepare Yourself
Once you have booked the limo and finished with the formalities, you would need to email or fax your timeline to ensure that the limo driver can take you on all places without any problem. All our drivers are well versed in the routes and have the ability to quickly move through the traffic.

We, at Reliance Group, offer deluxe car and wedding transportation rental services with nominal costs. You can also opt for party buses, limo buses, classic limousine, Hummer, Bentley or any other transportation. We assure you that your travel with us will be a memory that you will always cherish.

Reasons Why You Should Opt For a Limousine For Special Events

Special events such as weddings and proms are one of the most special moments of any person’s life. At Reliance NY Group, we make sure that every person has fun on their special day.

Our limousine service in NYC provides the entire group with comfort, fun, and lavishness on their special day. We also provide services for prom and wedding limo in New York!

Our experts have created a few reasons to explain why a limo is a right transportation for special events such as wedding and proms.

Trendy party venue
Special events require special venue. Our limo service makes sure that you get to arrive at your special venue in style and comfort. The limo also makes sure that you are able to enjoy the car too. Our transportation provides chauffeur, luxurious seats and more to help you get to your venue on time.

Safe ride
One of the most frustrating things about driving is not being able to drive after you have drunk. With our limo, you get a chauffeured car that you can even drink in. You can just sit back, enjoy the drive and have fun. No need for you to worry about the New York traffic.

Travel with family and friends
One of the best ways to celebrate a special event is with the loved ones. However, not having a designated transportation means that you will hire two or three taxis. With our transportation, all your friends can travel to the venue together.  This will ensure maximum fun for your group.

Add Some Luxury
Special luxuries are reserved for special occasions. With right transportation, you can add a bit of panache and style to your entry at the event. Our limousines are added with facilities such as luxurious seatings, lights, drinks, food, high-quality music and more.

VIP Status
Having the right transportation means getting VIP status at every place you go to. Our high-end limousines can get your entry in the luxurious places. Being one of the leading transportation companies, we can also help you get access to the right clubs and places.

We, at Reliance Group, offer deluxe car and bus rental services with nominal costs. You can opt for party buses, limo buses, classic limousine, Hummer, Bentley or any other transportation. We assure you that your travel with us will be a memory that you will always cherish.

A Quick Guide For Decorating Your Party Bus For The Occasion

You have been planning an epic celebration in NYC and want to have your all friends there. What do you do? Do you hire multiple taxis or rent a party bus in NYC?

The best thing to do would be to hire a party bus as the gang will stay together and can have fun throughout the night. However, what is difficult to ascertain is the type of party bus to rent.

One of the biggest variables that need to be taken into the account is the occasion. From Quinceañera to birthdays to corporate functions, our party buses are equipped to handle anything you bring in.

While renting the party bus, many people ask us if they can decorate the bus for the occasion and our answer is always yes. At Reliance NY Group, we make sure that our clients are happy with the vehicles they rent and thoroughly enjoy the occasion.

Here are top decorating tips by our experts for different occasions:

Field trips
Unlike bachelor parties, field trips need to be knowledgeable and fun. The children need a fun way to learn. For such an occasion, the theme based on the field trip can be used to decorate the party bus.

Example: for an Aquarium field trip, the children can draw and put the drawing of their favorite sea creatures where they will be sitting. Small goody bags or party favor bags can be created and given to the children full of candies or healthy snacks.

Sporting Events:
One of the most common events for which the party buses are rented are the sporting events. For such events streamers, balloons and banners in the color of the team can be used to decorate. People also add pictures of the team mascots to let others know who they are supporting.

Graduation Or Award Ceremonies:
Another common occasions for which people opt for party bus are the graduation ceremonies or award shows. Whether it is the family spending time together or friends going together for their award function, you don’t need to go wild to have fun. Adding the right decoration such as banners, balloons, and various party favors can funk up the party just right.

Corporate events:
Corporate events are more elegant and chic rather than funky. The corporate colors along with the logo and give goodie bags to put the employees in the mood for the event.

No matter what the event is, the transportation need not be boring. A little bit of creativity can put the guests in the fun mood.

Want to rent a party bus in NYC? We, at Reliance Group, offer deluxe party buses, limo buses and car rental services with nominal costs. You can opt for a variety of party buses, limo buses, classic limousine, Hummer, Bentley or any other transportation. We assure you that your travel with us will be a memory that you will always cherish.

7 Wonderful Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Transportation

Every just to be married couple have seen numerous wedding movies with tin cans attached on the back of the car and a “Just Married” sign on the rear window.

However, your wedding transportation need not be so simple. The wedding transportation can be as unique as the couple themselves. As one of the leading providers of limo service in New York, we work with numerous couples to decorate the wedding limo to match with their wedding theme.

However, it is important that you take necessary precautions while decorating the limo to ensure that there is no damage to your well being and the car.

To make the decoration work, here are a few amazing tips to adorn the car you are going to take as a married:

License Plate
One of the most amazing ways to decorate the car is by adding a front license plate that boldly says just married. This is perfect for the couple who like simple things in life but still want to get the message across. This simple license plate will look great with other decoration.

Colorful Tulle
Draped on the front or sides, the colorful tulle looks good and would easily match with the theme of the wedding. As the tulle comes in a variety of colors, it can be easily mixed and matched.

Custom Mirror Frame Cling
Writing directly on the wedding limo can damage the car, thus the best way to do that is to use the stick on decals. These decals come in various sizes and can be used to get the message across. One of the ways that are trending in the wedding industry is the Custom Mirror Frame Cling. The custom mirror can be used to write couples initials, wedding date and even names on the limo.

Window Clings
Another way to make your getaway transportation unique is by putting in the window clings. The clings have a variety of messages and signs such as Together Forever, Newlyweds or classic Just Married on it.

Flower Bows
A trend that is making rounds in the wedding industry is the flower bows. Elegant white bows along with the theme flowers make the car doors and even door handle look more beautiful.

Decorating Kit
Numerous places these days offer a car decorating kit. You can have all the decorating stuff in a single place without any worry of forgetting or misplacing them. The kit includes decals, cut-outs, paper wedding bells and more.

Car Flag
If you are a simple couple who like small and unique things then the car flag decoration is just for you. The simple car flag is the perfect way to give your wedding vehicle a bit of oomph without going overboard.

If you are looking for wedding limo service in New York, then make sure you contact us at Reliance NY Group. With our wedding transportation, you can arrive in style in antique Rolls Royce, Rolls Royce Ghost, to Hummer Limousine.

6 Best Ways To Make New York Summer More Enjoyable

I am sure New York city holds a place on everyone’s travel bucket-list, But not the first. Of course, not because NYC is not as attractive or happening place like most of the other places.

This is because it is considered the most expensive city to visit. So, most of us scrape-out New York from their travel list. But in reality, traveling to this beautiful place could be as affordable as any other place.

For an instance, you can cut down your travel expense immensely by choosing New York Limo service. You don’t have to be a rich person to travel to New York.

Here are some of the amazing and yet affordable things you can do in New York:

Eating brunch in a New York sunny cafe

What could be more relaxing than brunching in West village in a sunny cafe, flipping through newspaper pages, and watching the people around?

Or Imagine you take away coffee along with a blueberry bagel and strolling through the beautiful streets of West Village.

Take a cruise around Manhattan island

Nothing would be as spectacular when you have drinks, the Statue of Liberty, a sunset, sailing, and the Manhattan skyline.

Central Park New York in the summer

Suppose you’re watching Central Park covered with a blanket of snow, soothing your skin by lying on the grass under the sun’s rays. Strolling the pathways and admiring the pavilions, lakes, the squirrels play and the monuments.

Walk to the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge has gained popularity as an urban playground, don’t miss out the breathtaking sunset and walk on a hot summers night with the city lights up. This bridge is one of the most recognizable landmarks in New York.

Its granite and limestone neo-gothic towers make it far more impressive than the steel bridges. The cycle and pedestrian pathway are raised, so it bridge’s pedestrian and cycle pathway are elevated, so it offers wonderful views of the downtown Brooklyn fantastic and  Manhattan skyline and downtown Brooklyn.

Take a stroll of the New York City Highline

The New York City Highline is a 1.45-mile section of a previous raised train track and now called to be a thriving urban park in the sky. This park includes plant life and lush lawn and runs from the Meatpacking district to Midtown having great views of the Hudson River and the city.

Top of the rock, New York

New York was built in such as way that it can be seen from up high, the observation decks of the Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building, and the World Trade Center all give a 360-degree view of NYC.

Have you been dreaming about a trip to New York City? There are lot more exciting things you can do in the budget and if you want to limit your travel expenses choose New York limo service. We, at Reliance Group NY, provide affordable, safer rides throughout the city.

Party Bus vs Limo Bus: What’s is the right choice?

Are you planning a special occasion with your friends and family? Do you need a big vehicle that would accommodate all your guests in one place? Limo and party bus are the ideal vehicles that are not only stylish but have the necessary amenities for large groups.

Whether you want to celebrate the special event or have a wedding or need a ride to the airport, limo and party buses are the way to go.

However, it is important that you select the right bus for the occasion. Selection of the wrong vehicle can make your trip go quickly from best to worst. The first thing that you should know is the similarities and differences between the limo bus and the party bus.

At reliance Group NY, we make sure that you choose the right vehicle for your comfort and fun travel.

The similarity!
The term party or limo bus refers to a large vehicle that is modified to carry 10 to 50 people. Generally, these vehicles are used for the recreational purposes and variety of facilities for the groups. The similarity between these two is the bus exterior and the limo interior.

High-quality lighting
Both buses have high-quality lighting. For us, the industry standard is the minimum quality level. We strive to give our customers the best experience. Our Led lighting is of high quality and adds the fun element to our party and limo buses.

High-end stereo system
One thing that every client ask us is the quality of our stereo system. Our limo and party buses are equipped with high-end music systems. From high-quality head unit to top line and well-placed speaker system, the music will be played and controlled by our customers. All our buses have aux cables to use and connect your music player or phones with.

The differences!

The basic and huge difference between our party and limo buses is of the seating. To transform a party bus to a limo bus you need high-class limo stitching on the seats and high-end upholstery. A limo bus gives you the class, upholstery and extra comfort of a limo. Hence, in the limo bus, there are no restrooms and no smoking allowed.

If you want to party the night out or having an amazing time with your friends smoking and drinking, we advise you to go on the party bus rather than the limo bus. Limo buses are more suitable for special events such as weddings and graduations.

We, at Reliance Group, offer deluxe car and bus rental services with nominal costs. You can opt for party buses, limo buses, classic limousine, Hummer, Bentley or any other transportation. We assure you that your travel with us will be a memory that you will always cherish.

Why Should You Choose Prom Limousine in NY? Read This To Find Out Why

The season of prom is here! The teenagers all over the country are looking for their perfect prom dress, customized tuxedos, and right prom limousine. Prom night in New York is the night to remember.

Spending time and having fun with your date is at the top of every young adult’s list. In such an event, prom limousine plays a big role.

If you are wondering why limousine is a better choice than other transportation options, then here are a few reasons why:

No filter pictures
As the biggest night of a high school student’s life, the prom night is generally showcased through the hundreds of pictures taken for Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. A prom limousine can give your pictures an oomph factor.

The focus is on your amazingly dressed crew. You can enjoy the whole ride with your friends relaxing in the comfortable seats. Plus, our expert chauffeurs will treat you as adults rather than small children.

Impress your date and your parents
While prom night is the night of fun, it needs to be safe too. The parents would get worried if you don’t get home on time. Nevertheless, with prom limo rentals, you can reassure your parents about your safety.

Our professional chauffeurs will not only impress them but will give you a trust to be safe and on time. No text messages or missed calls. You can enjoy your prom and your parents will know that you are safe and sound.

With prom limo, your date and her family will be impressed when you go to pick her up. They will know that you went an extra mile to enjoy the event with her.

Enjoy the fun night
Prom nights usually have a tendency to go a bit late. Usually, there is an after-party at a friend or a senior’s home.

As the prom limousine comes with a professional chauffeur, the parents can relax knowing that their child is safe and no matter how late the night gets, chauffeurs will drop you home.

Keep your prom dress or tuxedos safe
Prom dress or tuxedos are carefully selected by the prom goers. However, these dresses require express care. Thus, the outfit needs to stay clean and look perfect. Our clean and spacious limousine ensure that you look flawless.

When it comes to prom, getting right transportation service is everything. We, at Reliance NY Group, offer deluxe prom limousine services in nominal costs. Whether you opt for a classic limousine or want other cars such as Hummer or Bentley, we assure you that your prom will be a memory that you will always cherish.