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4 Occasions When You Should Hire Limo Rental in NY

Are you planning to have a special celebration? Well, there are countless options to make your event great in New York City. Today, most people choose limo rental services in NY to make celebration memorable and perfect. Limos will not only add a style statement but also provide you with great comfort and luxury.

In the past, limos were owned and used by the rich and famous people. But today, with transportation companies started offering limo rental services, it has become an affordable option for ordinary Joes as well. From prom night to wedding days, limos can be rented for various different occasions.

However, our experts at Reliance Group discusses five occasions when you should hire a limo rental in NY.

WeddingWedding is the most special day in everyone’s life. So it should be perfect, from the wedding venue to food and dress, and transportation is no exception. What’s better than hiring a limo rental to move to and from the venue? A limo gives you the romantic, luxurious, and the fairy tale feel that you always wished for on your big day. With limo rental, you can ensure hassle-free and comfortable ride for the bride and groom along with close friends and family members.

Birthday celebrationWhat more can you ask for than an open bar in a limousine on your 21st birthday? If you’re planning to celebrate your birthday with your close friends, there’s no better way to spend the night enjoying and drinking like you do by sitting in the back of a limo. Apart from the mini bar counter, limos also come with great music system, and you can request the chauffeur to play your favorite party number.

Prom nightProm night is one of the biggest events for a high school senior. Most teens dream about their prom night since they were very young. Today, prom night is not about just dressing-up in the best attire, but it is much more. And teens search for different ways to get creative when it comes to making their prom night special and worth-remembering. Hiring a limo is one of the many ways. A limo will not only give the style and comfort but also safety.

Bachelorette partyBrides-to-be and their best friends always look for the unique and special ways to party before beginning a new married life. What could be more fun and special than organizing a party in a limo car? Hiring a limo is of the intimate and creative ways for the bride-to-be to celebrate the last few days of their singlehood with their best friends. A limo is equipped with a lot of facilities, such as dance floor, bar counter, music system and party lights, to keep the bride-to-be and her friends entertained. Whatever your plans are for the night, the limo can drive all of you to and from your destination safely and in style.

These are some of the major occasions where you can rent a limousine.

Please remember

Today, hiring a luxury limo is not so uncommon in NYC. People have started renting a limo service to make their occasions a lifetime experience.

If you are looking for NYC limo rental, it is advisable to hire a quality limo service to ensure safe and hassle-free experience. Need a luxury limo car services along with exceptional comfort, class and style? We, at Reliance NY Group, have got you covered. Book your slot today! Call us – (718) 850-9100.

Special Moments Deserve Luxury Transportation

When you choose to celebrate a moment or event, do you put a lot of thought into it? Chances are, your special moment or event means the world to you. Whether that special moment or event happens to be anything from:

  • A Wedding
  • A Birthday Party
  • A Concert
  • A Sporting Event
  • Or a Special Night On The Town WIth Your Friends

You’ve done everything you can to build and maintain a wonderful life for yourself. Why settle for a “simple car service” or a limousine service that falls beneath your status? You’ve set the bar high in every other aspect of your life! Why not let the luxury limo rental specialists New York City trusts most keep those standards high? The Reliance Group offers luxurious limousine rentals in the service of New Yorkers who know they deserve nothing less than the absolute best. Are you ready to travel to your next NYC event in style? Let us take you there in style!

Imagine the look on their faces…

Whether you’re traveling alone or with friends and loved ones, just think about how wide their smiles will be when they step into one of our luxurious limousine rentals? Or one of our amazing luxury party bus rentals? Nothing says “wow” like stylish luxury car rental service. Take a selfie, take a million selfies, and enjoy yourself in any one of the Reliance Group’s luxury rentals.

Creating a memorable moment…

Think about every special moment you’ve had in your life. You probably have pictures you may look at every now and then to help remind you of that special day right? Imagine the smile that would come across your face when the memory of luxury limo rental in New York comes to mind? Or that time you and your friends rented a luxury party bus in NYC. Maybe you had a wedding limo rental in NYC? Regardless of the occasion, you’d be doing yourself and your special day a disservice if you didn’t make the most of it by riding in style with a luxury rental.

It’s Your Journey, Make The Most Of It!

Getting from point A to point B can be done on a bicycle. But you don’t request a car service because you’re simply looking to “get somewhere.” You request a car service when you know you’re looking for a relaxing and luxurious way to get somewhere. You should request a car service that takes into consideration where you’re going, along with where you’ve been! Treating yourself to a night on the town shouldn’t be any different than treating yourself to the elegance and luxury of a Mercedes, Lincoln, Rolls Royce, or other elite options. Accept nothing less than the absolute best. Trust the Reliance Group with your next luxury rental: “it’s what you deserve!”

5 Reasons Why Luxury Rentals Are Are Worth It

You’ve worked hard to enjoy the finer things in life. Whether that means owning or managing a business, or simply owning and managing your own life. You’ve done everything you can to build and maintain a wonderful life for yourself. Why settle for a “simple car service” or a limousine service that falls beneath your status? You’ve set the bar high in every other aspect of your life! Why not let the luxury limo rental specialists New York City trusts most keep those standards high? The Reliance Group offers luxurious limousine rentals in the service of New Yorkers who know they deserve nothing less than the absolute best. Are you ready to travel to your next NYC event in style? If so, we’re ready to take you there in style!

You always get what you paid for…

To some people, “sitting is sitting” and having the luxury of a cushioned leather chair just isn’t a necessity. But you deserve more than that. You deserve the luxury a person of your status has worked hard to achieve. Don’t let anyone try and convince you of anything different!


Putting your journey in the hands of a lesser service like Lyft or Uber is an easy way to turn your night into a nightmare! Trusting a quality service like the Reliance Group of New York City? Now that is a true testament to one’s status in life! Our drivers our highly trained, and have years of experience under their belts. We pride ourselves in being on time, and getting each of our passengers to their destinations without worrying about anything other than where to sit and how hot or cold they need they car. You can rest assured, with the Reliance Group? You’ll always be in good hands.

Enjoying your success…

Whether that means success in life, love, or having an amazing group of friends. When you have special moments to celebrate in your life? There’s a good chance you’ve done some amazing things in your life. Why not celebrate those amazing moments or people with a luxury rental? Think about those “picture moments” that come with the visual of you and/or your loved ones stepping out of a luxury car or limo? Or your group stepping off of a luxury bus rental? You deserve it, and your moment deserves a luxury rental like in NYC like the ones at Reliance.

Creating a memorable journey…

Getting somewhere is one thing. Going somewhere in a luxury rental is a completely different story. You should always make it a point to turn every special moment in your life into a memorable one. The journey somewhere should never be “just another ride.” You should treat yourself, and your loved ones to a memorable journey they are sure to remember for years to come. The Reliance Group provides people with luxury wedding limo rentals in NYC, luxury party bus rentals in NYC, and so much more. Why? Because we believe in turning every special moment into a luxurious ride that our customers will never forget.

The most comfortable ride of your life…

Nothing compares to the feeling that comes with pristine luxury limo rentals in NYC like the ones here at the Reliance Group. Think about how much happier you would be heading to your special event in the back of a luxurious limousine, car, or party bus with your closest friends and family? There is a certain level of comfort and style that comes with the peace of mind you get out of a luxury car rental service in NY. The Reliance Group can help get you there in style.

Take Life By The Horns

Getting from point A to point B can be done on a bicycle. But you don’t request a car service because you’re simply looking to “get somewhere.” You request a car service when you know you’re looking for a relaxing and luxurious way to get somewhere. You should request a car service that takes into consideration where you’re going, along with where you’ve been! Treating yourself to a night on the town shouldn’t be any different than treating yourself to the elegance and luxury of a Mercedes, Lincoln, Rolls Royce, or other elite options. Accept nothing less than the absolute best. Trust the Reliance Group with your next luxury rental: “it’s what you deserve!”

Everything you Should Know About Coach Bus Rental Service

Planning a group trip to NYC? This article will explain you everything you should know about planning a trip. Often, group trips need proper planning before time, especially when it comes to transport. There are a number of things to consider before you get started.

Have you decided how your group members will reach at the destination and within the given time? Rideshare apps like uber and ola divide group members among multiple cars.

This makes it difficult for the group members to spend quality time together. For making everything easy, look for a coach bus rental service in NY. You have enough space for everyone to ride comfortably. Moreover, you can keep all of your luggage safely beneath the coach bus.

Continue reading to know more about coach bus rental service in NY.

What is a Coach? Also known as a motorcoach, it is a vehicle that is privately rented by a group, business, or an organisation. Instead of travelling along a set route like public buses coach hires travel according to the group’s personal itinerary.

What does a coach bus look like? Coach buses have large windows that allow natural light to come in. Moreover, passengers can enjoy the view through the window as they travel. Talking about the body of the vehicle, most of the coach bus companies put the logo of their companies on the buses.

Inside, you will see the seat of the driver at the front of the bus and rows of seats for the passengers. Also these buses have a number of compartments for storing personal items.

Who hires a coach bus?A number of people hire coach bus. These consist of the following:

  • Schools and universities. Whether going for a trip to a museum, a historical center, or an art exhibition, all the students, teachers and the faculty members can travel in coach bus. This not only makes your trip comfortable but also you can spend quality time with your friends.
  • Couples and wedding planners. During the wedding time, both brides and grooms opt for coach buses to pick and drop their guests. This makes it easy for the guests to reach at the wedding location on time.
  • Business professionals. There are various corporate travel planners that prefer coach bus rather than public transportations when going to company events. With on-board WiFi, they can keep a check on all the mails, give a final touch to their presentations, and can stay in touch with their clients.

Hire a coach bus to make your trip a memorable one. To know more about Coach Bus Rental Service in NYC, get in touch with Reliance Group.

Tips to Consider Before Hiring a Prom Limo in New York

Prom seasons come and go, but it is never too early to start thinking about the next prom night. And since you know that the prom night will come again, you may want to plan about your next prom proposal and dance routine.

Often, these plans may also involve a limousine rental. Teens or parents who want to know more about hiring limo services for such occasions might want to pay attention to the tips mentioned below.

Tips to Remember When You Hire a Limo For Prom or Homecoming

#1. Get the group settled: During the busiest times of the year, it can be really tough to secure the vehicle you want. This is why it is important to book early. But before you make your bookings, teens should discuss among themselves and make a plan. This way, you will have a clear picture of how much it will cost. Moreover, you will have a lot of transport options to choose from.

#2. Ask about amenities and protections: Before you hire a limo for prom, for a wedding, or for any other occasion it is important that you research about the company first. This involves looking at reviews. Moreover, ask about the amenities that come with the limo. These amenities might be of your interest.

#3. Call around: Have a clear idea of exactly what you need. Then contact the company. There are a lot of things that the company will need to know such as:

  • Type of the event
  • Number of guests
  • Date and time of the event
  • Special requirements

#4. Face to face: Take out time and visit the limo service company. Have a look at the vehicles. If possible check out the limousine that will be used for your event. Do not feel shy to check the vehicle both inside and outside. This is an important event for you. You have all the rights to visit the company and ensure that the service does not disappoints you.

#5. Get an estimate: Before you hire, ask for a detailed estimate. Find out how much they will charge for your event. This will help you with the decision making.

#6. Relax and have an amazing time: The entire point of hiring a limo service for prom night is that everyone has a good time. Parents can now relax knowing their kids are safe whereas teens can enjoy, leaving the hassles of transportation to the driver.

Are you planning to hire a prom limo in New York? Consider the services of Reliance Group. We offer the exclusive deals for prom nights, weddings, birthday parties etc. Moreover, you can hire the most exotic cars at affordable prices.

Tips To Determine The Right Transportation For Your Wedding

A wedding is the most important day in everyone’s life. It’s the time when two people take vows to start a new relationship. Almost everyone dreams of their wedding since childhood to make it the best day of life.

With the changing demands, wedding trends have undergone extreme changes, especially transportation and couture have reached to another level. Wedding limousine car rental in NYC is the latest and most common wedding trend. But, there are plenty of wedding transportation options that it becomes difficult to determine the perfect transportation for your wedding day.

An experienced and reputable car rental company will help you make the right decision for wedding transportation. We, at Reliance NY Group offer great deals for wedding transportation as well as explain the customers about specifications and features of each vehicle.

However, below we’ve given a few considerations which can help you make the right choice for wedding transportation.

What is the event? – You must consider the type of event while hiring wedding transportation. Often, every car rental company offers different fleet options, so depending on your requirement and preferences you can opt the right wedding transportation for yourself and your guests. If your wedding event is a gala event, you may need transportation accordingly. Nowadays, people follow the trend of hiring a vehicle as per the theme of the wedding.

Number of passengers – Another important consideration when determining the right wedding transportation is for how many people you’re booking a wedding car rental. If you miss this while making plans for your wedding, it could spoil the whole day. Plus, there may occur situation when you feel like gathering is too big to fit into the limo. Therefore, the best option is to book a limo for your entry to the wedding venue and hire a party bus for your guests.

Budget - Your budget is the most crucial factor to consider while you determine the right wedding car rental. You should never fall into debt to get your hands on the best wedding limo car. That’s why always hire the vehicle that fits perfectly to your budget.

Besides these things, the atmosphere should also be taken into care while determining the best wedding transportation option. Are you searching for wedding limousine car rental in NYC? Feel free to call us – Reliance NY Group - 1(718) 850-9100. We offer limo car services for various occasions such as a wedding, corporate event, sports event, prom night, and more.

Different Types Of Limousines To Choose From

Limos are the perfect combination of luxury, intelligence, and intuitive design. Getting to travel in such a luxurious and intimidating motor vehicle is everybody’s dream come true. Class and luxury are defined by limousines. Limos form the perfect ride when it comes to travelling in style to various events such as weddings, prom nights, corporate meetings, and many more.

For instance, imagine yourself prepping for the most important night of your school life, PROM! You have ordered the best dress, the perfect sandals, and adorable accessories to look dapper, but have you thought of your ride that will complete your look and make you the star of the night?

Do not think further, book a prom limo in New York right away. Limos are the perfect way to make some heads turn. These vehicles are incredibly spacious, so if you want to take your crew along, a limo will be the perfect ride. It can easily fit upto twelve individuals.

A limousine is equipped with top class amenities such as a full bar, a digital TV, advanced music system, and all things luxurious. When it come sto booking a vehicle for an event, the most common and trusted source is booking a limo.

When you have finally decided to book a limo, the next question in the process is to determine the limo type that you wish to travel in. Limos come in a variety of models that you can choose from. It is essential for you to ponder over your needs and ascertain the correct limo type for you. One thing that is sure is that whichever limousine you choose, you will undoubtedly experience the best ride of your life.

At the Reliance Group, you will find all varieties of luxurious cars and limo services at affordable rates. We are a leading institution that expertises in lending professional and reliable limousine services. We impart premium transportation services to our clients. The personnel here is dedicated and experienced and will tend to all your queries.

Here is a guide mentioning different types and models of limousines that you can choose from.

Sedan Limos: This limo type is comfortable and luxurious in every possible way. 3-4 people can easily be fitted in a sedan limo. This is one of the most affordable options if you wish to travel in a limousine. A sedan limo is ideal for people going for corporate meetings. Hiring a sedan limo can help in creating a positive first impression on your clients.

Limousine bus: If you are not satisfied with the limo options presented to you, you can rent a limo bus to fit your guests. You will be able to enjoy all luxuries offered in limousines. Approximately 30 people can be fitted into a limo bus. You can experience the luxury of leather seats, climate control options, a separate partition for privacy, tinted window screens, and various other digital options.

Hummer: A hummer limo is robust looking and carries a jagged look. It is very spacious and can accommodate upto 12 people at one time. Since it is very spacious, one can enjoy inbuilt casinos, TV sets, and the convenience of a full bar.

Stretch Limo: Stretch limousines are another version of a sedan limousine. Around 4-5 people can be accommodated in this limousine. A stretch limousine is inclusive of features such as bars, flutes, advanced lighting, and various other digital options.

At Reliance Group, we can help you choose the best limo option to make your event extra special and worth remembering. If you are looking for a prom limo in New York or a limo for your wedding, we have all the right options for you.

Top Things To Do With A Rented Limo

Traveling in a limo can be a dream come true for many. New York limousine services are the best option to consult if you are looking for a rental limo. Limousine services are the ideal choice when you have to book a ride to prom, a wedding, or any other special.

Limo rides can be very exciting and is the best option when you wish to make your travel lavish and turn some heads. Sometimes, limousine can also be booked to attend a formal business meeting as it can help you in creating a positive first impression on your colleagues and lend you that deal you’ve been longing to crack.

Limousine rides are lavish, but fun at the same time. These luxurious cars can accommodate a large group of people if you wish to carry your crew along with you on your journey and make it a memorable drive.

What’s the best part about hiring a limo? It is the fact you can hire it for a very hours at very genuine rates. You can also split the rental expenses amongst your group and enjoy a stylish ride. You can do a lot with a rented limo if you are aware of the right things to do.

Below mentioned are the top things to do with a rented limo by a New York limousine service

  • Sightseeing: Sightseeing, that to in a limo can be a memory to cherish for a long time. It can be extremely fun travel. Many people waste their time searching for a taxi, auto, or a bus and get tired eventually. It is best to have someone drive you at the location without any hassle and is aware of all routes. This will help save a lot of time and you can experience a limo ride as well. While in a limo, all you have to do is sit back and savour the journey while a chauffeur drives you through.

  • Witness the nightlife: Reaching at a famous tourist spot or a local shop in a limo is sure to lend you a lot of attention. While out in a different country for holidays, you might want to witness its nightlife. Having a limo at your service will help you drive safely through the city and all you have to do is sit back and relax. The best part about hiring a limo is that you can travel in luxury and you do not have to worry about traffic or finding a parking spot.

  • Travel in style: Traveling in a limo is sure to make some heads turn. It is one of the most stylish options to travel in at affordable rates. You can contact a New York limousine service if you wish to rent a limo.

At, Reliance NY Group, we possess a wide array of limos to let you travel in style. We are one of the leading limousine service providers in NYC. Whenever you are in the need for limo services, contact Reliance NY Group. Our experts will assist you and help you find the right ride to make your occasion extra special.

Reasons To Hire A Limo Service For Your Next Event in NY

The idea of getting a comfortable ride, that to in a Limousine, is everybody’s dream. Why just let it be a dream when you can actually hire a New York Limo Service and travel in style. A limo service will certainly help you sail comfortably at affordable prices.

If you wish to do something special on your event, one option is to hire a limo service.

There are a plethora of reasons that a limousine service is the best option to make any event special and lavish.

Apart from comfortable leather seats, a personal chauffeur, and a silky smooth drive, there are various other reasons accustomed to hiring a professional limo service. Limos are a favorite and an ideal solution when it comes to hosting a grand event and you wish to enter in style.

Limousines are equipped with a lot of modern day amenities. They are reliable, affordable, and luxurious in every sense. Entering any venue in style will help in creating a great first impression on the guests.

Not only the guests, but it will also help you feel self-confident. In order to hire a limo, it is essential to look for reliable and professional service providers. Make sure you do your research in advance and select the best option.

At The Reliance Group, we hold immense experience in importing professional limousine services to our customers. We focus on inducing 100% customer satisfaction by providing impeccable chauffeuring services. We believe in providing quality services in the form of class, unparalleled comfort, and genuine prices.

Below mentioned are the top reasons to hire a New York limo service for your next event

Distraction free driving: There are so many distractions  while out on the roads that it has become almost impossible to drive attentively on the roads. You do not have to worry about driving attentively to avoid any atrocities. The chauffeurs provided by the limo company will be experienced and ensure you get a safe ride. All you have to do is sit back and relax with your crew while you reach your destination.

Take your crew along: Limos are generally hired when you organize a special event such as a birthday party, a wedding ceremony, or a corporate event. Limos can also be used to go to a prom night and in such events you will always carry your crew along. Limos have a lot of space and thus, can capacitate your entire crew. It is a great way of  reaching the vent on time without missing out on any of your friends, family, and employees.

Leave the stress behind: Solo driving could prove to be a stressful task as you have to be aware of the traffic, traffic lights, and other drivers on the roads. You might experience road rage while out on the roads.  You obviously do not want to arrive at the event fretting and stressed out. Thus, it is ideal to hire a limo service when planning an event. You do not have to worry about anything as all you will have to do is enjoy your luxurious ride.

We, at Reliance group, a leading NYC limo service, possess a highly qualified fleet and a wide range of cars to navigate you till your destination. Be it a wedding, a birthday, or prom night, our professionals are available 24*7 at your service.

Top Perks Of Hiring A Wedding Limousine In NY

Who doesn’t want to feel like a celebrity and drive in style at the most auspicious event in their life? Hiring a wedding limousine service in NY from the Reliance Group could help you get that feeling. There is no occasion as special as your wedding, and it is essential to enjoy a special treatment on such a felicitous day.

While making plans for your wedding, there are a lot of decisions that have to be taken. It is vital to pre-plan everything to avoid any chaos during your special day. Selecting the best of everything, food, clothes, and transportation is vital before your wedding day arrives. You can consider on hiring a limousine to make your day extra special and make heads turn.

Hiring a wedding limo for your wedding will add a pinch of luxury and comfort to the day that you have always dreamed about. What is better than a chauffeur all dressed up comes to escort you to your wedding destination while you sit in the luxury of your car and cherish each moment of your wedding day and bachelorhood with your friends. Limousines are so spacious and comfortable that they can accommodate all of your bridesmaids easily. Also, it eases your transportation as you do not have to drive to the wedding location on your own.

Below mentioned are the top perks of hiring a wedding limousine in NY

  • Enjoy a comfortable ride: It is evident that the average bridal dress takes a lot a space because of its flare. Driving while dressed up in a wedding gown can be very difficult and risky as well. Limousines offer a lot of comfort and space so that you do not face any problem in travelling till your wedding destination.
  • Budget friendly: Limousines are luxury cars, but you can rent them at a very affordable price. If you select other modes of transportation, you might not get satisfied by the level of service that they offer. If you wish to accomodate you whole wedding brigade and have them travel with you, hiring a limo is the ideal solution.
  • Style and luxury: Limousine is undoubtedly a luxury car, therefore hiring it to travel till your wedding destination would not only add to the luxury, but also add style to your travel. You are sure to make some heads turn when you reach your destination in a limousine.
  • Safe travel: Travelling in a wedding limo is a safe option as you will not have to drive on your own wearing a bulky wedding gown. The chauffeur will take you safely to your destination. All you have to do is sit back comfortably and enjoy the ride.

At The Reliance Group, we provide a range of limousine cars for any occasion to make your ride comfortable and smooth. Our chauffeurs are licensed and well trained and will ensure that your ride is safe and you reach your destination on time.