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Luxury Limo Car: Arrive at your next event in style!

Luxury limo car NY: Arrive at your next event in style!

The days are gone when limousines were only a rich man thing.Today, almost everyone can afford a luxury limo car ride in nyc. In fact, it is considered as a more affordable option than a taxi or a cab. If you want to show up in style to your next event, then hiring a limo car is an ideal option for you. However, with numerous luxury car providers in New York, finding the right option could be a challenging task. Don’t worry! We, at Reliance NY Group, will explain things you need to consider when hiring a limo.

Luxury limo car

Book in advance – Trips and outings are meant to be enjoyed, so why worry about who will drive the car and which route to take, just hire a limo car. Make sure to book your limo in advance, so that you can get the desired car of the right size and style. With a limo,, you can enjoy the ride in comfort and style without worrying about the driver and the route.

Know the different types of car services – If you’re hiring a limo for the first time, then it is important to understand the difference between the ride share service, taxi service, and limousine service. When it comes to taxi and ride share service, you get a driver who will pick you up and drop you at your destination. On the other hand, limo service comes with a chauffeur. The only concern of a chauffeur is to make your ride as best and comfortable as possible.

Ask relevant questions – Once you’ve shortlisted your options, the next thing you need to do is ask relevant questions to your potential limo car service providers. Here are some of the questions you can ask:

  • How long you have been in the field?

  • Do you have a license to operate?

  • Are your vehicles insured and undergo regular inspections?

  • Can you show me your company’s record?

Apart from this, you also need to know the occasions when it’s appropriate to hire limo services

Thanks to transport companies for making limo services accessible to everyone at affordable prices. From the prom night to weddings, corporate events and more, a limo can be hired for various occasions.

Prom night – Prom night is an important event for every teenager. In fact, most children grow up thinking about what kind of clothes and shoes they will wear on their prom night, especially girls. Today, teens are taking prom game to the next level in terms of creativity to make their night as special as possible. Renting a limo is one such way. With a limo, you will not only show up in style but also ride in comfort and with safety.

Wedding – Weddings are a big day for everyone, which comes once in a lifetime. Therefore, everything from venue to food, dress, and even transportation should be special. So, what’s better than a limo for moving to and from the wedding venue? Besides making a grand entrance, you can ensure a hassle-free and comfortable ride with a limo.

Corporate event – The first impression is crucial for a business. Therefore, whether you’re looking for a pick-up or drop off service to and from the airport for your business partner, you can hire a limousine to offer a safe and comfortable ride while making a lasting impression.  This will eventually help with your business growth.

The Bottom Line

Please remember, to have the best traveling experience, choosing the right limo service is crucial. Do consider these things when you hire a limo the next time.

About us

We, at Reliance NY Group, offer luxury car services at competitive prices for several years in and around New York City. Our vehicles are not only exclusive but also regularly inspected and well maintained. To schedule your luxurious ride, contact us at (718) 850-9100.

Why Should You Choose Prom Limousine in NY? Read This To Find Out Why

The season of prom is here! The teenagers all over the country are looking for their perfect prom dress, customized tuxedos, and right prom limousine. Prom night in New York is the night to remember.

Spending time and having fun with your date is at the top of every young adult’s list. In such an event, prom limousine plays a big role.

If you are wondering why limousine is a better choice than other transportation options, then here are a few reasons why:

No filter pictures
As the biggest night of a high school student’s life, the prom night is generally showcased through the hundreds of pictures taken for Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. A prom limousine can give your pictures an oomph factor.

The focus is on your amazingly dressed crew. You can enjoy the whole ride with your friends relaxing in the comfortable seats. Plus, our expert chauffeurs will treat you as adults rather than small children.

Impress your date and your parents
While prom night is the night of fun, it needs to be safe too. The parents would get worried if you don’t get home on time. Nevertheless, with prom limo rentals, you can reassure your parents about your safety.

Our professional chauffeurs will not only impress them but will give you a trust to be safe and on time. No text messages or missed calls. You can enjoy your prom and your parents will know that you are safe and sound.

With prom limo, your date and her family will be impressed when you go to pick her up. They will know that you went an extra mile to enjoy the event with her.

Enjoy the fun night
Prom nights usually have a tendency to go a bit late. Usually, there is an after-party at a friend or a senior’s home.

As the prom limousine comes with a professional chauffeur, the parents can relax knowing that their child is safe and no matter how late the night gets, chauffeurs will drop you home.

Keep your prom dress or tuxedos safe
Prom dress or tuxedos are carefully selected by the prom goers. However, these dresses require express care. Thus, the outfit needs to stay clean and look perfect. Our clean and spacious limousine ensure that you look flawless.

When it comes to prom, getting right transportation service is everything. We, at Reliance NY Group, offer deluxe prom limousine services in nominal costs. Whether you opt for a classic limousine or want other cars such as Hummer or Bentley, we assure you that your prom will be a memory that you will always cherish.

5 Tips You Should Follow to Secure Your Prom Limo

One of most amazing and waited nights in any teenager’s life is prom night. From asking the person you like to selecting the prom dress and selecting the prom limo, you need to be absolutely ready for the prom night.

One of the most important parts of the prom night is arriving in style. What is better than a prom limo in New York, decked to make you and your friends ready for the amazing night? However, before you go in and select the first limo service you see, here are a few things you should know about:


Just as you search for the perfect prom tux or dress, you have to do the required research for choosing the prom limo. The first thing you need to do is choose a budget. As prom is quite expensive, you have to decide on a budget and follow it. Set aside a particular amount of money. Also, ask your friends who will be traveling with you and confirm their seats.


The prom season is extremely busy. To ensure that you get the limo of your choice, you need to reserve it early on. This will help you prevent any limo issues on prom day. We advise you to come in and look at the selection of the limos and secure the one you like at least a month in advance. If you have decided everything in advance, you can book even more further back.


Remember you need to plan in advance and create a time where you and your friends can meet beforehand. This way you will be able to click a lot of pics together and create memories before you travel to the prom. Plus with all people in one place, you reduce the chances of getting late.

No mess

One of the biggest problems we have in the business of prom limo in New York is the mess that people leave behind. The prom limos are commercial vehicle and we require all the customers to put down a security deposit to secure the limo.

If you don’t want to lose your security deposit, we advise you to clean up any mess that has been made, not to damage interior or exterior of the limo and leave the prom limo in same condition you went in. By cleaning up your mess, you not only get your deposit back but are an ideal customers.

Have Fun

Finally, we advise you to have fun! Prom night is the best night of your school life and you need to make most of it before you part paths with your friends.

If you want to book prom limo in New York, make sure you contact Reliance Group. We are prom limo specialist renowned in the state of New York for our amazing fleet.