Your 10-Step Guide to Plan the Best Bachelorette Party

A wedding is possibly the most significant event, and not just for the bride and groom, but the whole squad involved in the preparations of the big event.

But before the life-changing shift from Miss to Mrs., every bride-to-be deserves a celebratory night with her girl gang to cherish the fleeting moments of her freedom. And what better way to party than doing it with a limo service in New York?

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So, if you’ve taken it upon yourself to plan the best send-off to your bestie, but don’t know how to go about it without breaking the bank, we’ve got your back.

Here, we have put together a comprehensive checklist that you can tailor as per your idea of a memorable bachelorette – whether it’s a day filled with low-key chilling and demure activities or a night of debaucherously fun.

Get the Bride Onboard

Agreeably, it’ll be so much fun to whisk your BFF away from the wedding prep and surprise her with your plans. But it’s wiser to be practical and rope the bride-to-be in your planning considering she’d be engrossed in a long list of things to do. Plus, this way she can tell you her own expectations from the party so you can’t go wrong with anything.

Decide Who’s Coming

While you’re discussing the what, throw in the when and who to put it all in stone. Ask the bride the dates it’d be feasible for her to put aside the wedding arrangements so she can have stress-free fun without constantly being distracted by her phone ringing. Also, assuming she may want to invite some other friends you may not know well, get the guest list sorted.

Create a Working Budget

Once you estimate the number of people joining the party, create a budget for the whole shebang, especially how the expenses will be divided. You may want to keep the bride out of this to give her the special treatment, but it’s completely okay to expect the others to chip in. Most importantly, make it clear before the event to avoid any inconveniences.

Where are We Partying?

Now, this is the part that will determine the kind of fun you’re going to have. Where you and the bridge-to-be decide to party is vital to make the rest of the preparations. You can consider hiring a limo service if you plan on bar-hopping in NY or reserve a formal venue if you’d rather just chill and relax.

Send Out the Invites

Having decided the prominent things, it’s time to announce the grand event to all the guests. Ensure to do it well in advance so everyone can spare time for the event and RSVP to you about their attendance.

Make the Final Bookings

Although you can always check various options beforehand and get quotes, it’ll be better to do this after the number of guests is confirmed. This way, you can save some bucks on deposit money if the final attendees will be lesser than the invited.

Gather the Party Props

This can be done one week prior to the set date. Party props are actually subjective to the kind of activities you plan – scaling from sophisticated to naughty. But, the basic ones such as sashes, a crown for the bride, and other picture props should definitely be added to the bag.

Food & Drinks

You won’t have to worry about the food if you’re heading for a day out to a resort, but the drinks are not to be waited for. A money-saving tip: get your own bottles of champagne, wine, or whatever your heart desires. However, you will have plenty of drinks to relish if you consider limo service in NYC for the transportation for the bachelorette party.

List the Activities

If you want to win at bachelorette planning and give the gang the best time, you’ve got to devise some naughty fun games. For the shy ones, play fun games like Bra Pong, Never Have I Ever, Double-meaning Trivia, How well do you know the bride-to-be, etc.

It’s Gifting Time!

Traditionally a bride’s choice, you can ask her if she wants to end the night with some party favors as a thank you. Regardless, you cannot possibly wrap the party without serving an embarrassing cake-topper! Now that’s how it’s done in New York City!

Last but not the least, capture all the madness in great photographs. Carry a selfie stick or have your limo driver take your pictures, but don’t forget his gratuity at the end. Reliance NY Group offers excellent limo services in NYC and will help you make the bachelorette extra special and memorable.