Guidelines For Choosing The Right Limo Company

Whether it is for a special occasion or a daily corporate pick-ups for important business officials, or a bride and groom leaving for their honeymoon trip after wedding, or having a royal bachelorette party-on-move in a party bus, there is nothing better than having a limousine at your beck and call. Travel with pure luxury in a limousine of your choice driven by well dressed chauffeur.

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But how to choose a limo company among the sea of so many rental transportation services? Not all the limo rental service in the New York region can provide you with the cream of the top experience. There are certain benchmarks you should follow when choosing the limo rental company. Following are the things you need to check in the limo rental services:


Go for a company with numerous references and good standing in the industry. The company should be able to establish that it has worked in this industry for a long time with maximum customer satisfaction. The safety factor and quality of fleet matter the most, so they should not be neglected.


The limo company should have valid insurance of all their fleet. The company should cover the auto-mobile, the passengers and chauffeurs under their insurance. The state regulations should also be checked. Everything should be according to the stated guidelines or the vehicle can be impounded.

Experienced Chauffeurs:

The chauffeurs should be well qualified and have proper training and licensing. The etiquettes of the chauffeur matter a lot. You can even ask for uniformed chauffeurs if the occasion requires it.


Get everything in a legal contract. The date, the specific vehicle model, the timing and venue and the agreed amount should be put into writing. The specific requirements and details should be all put into the written contract. This way you can have an assurance for later. Inquire about their cancellation and refund policy beforehand. Get a copy of it in writing as well.


Limo rentals should have a license number located on the front and bumper of the vehicle permitted by the state. The limousines in use for airport pick-up should have a airport permit. Have the operator turn on the car and check its air conditioning. The back of the stretch limo has a constricted ventilation, so air conditioning should be perfect there.


The interior should be clean and neat. The vacuum carpet, spotless bar and champagne glasses are the signs of a good limousine company. It shouldn’t be musty or bad smelling. This can happen due to many reasons, one of them is dirty ice bins.

Lastly the charges of the rental should be kept in mind. Choose something appropriate to your budget. Inquire the charging system of their rental services. The final charges should be inclusive of everything.