5 Unique & Amazing Ideas For Winter Weddings


5 Unique Wedding Ideas for Winter

Tangy crisp air, snow-laden branches, and crunchy leaves….. What is not to love in the winter wonderland especially if it is in New York City! The only thing that is more magical than winter itself is the winter wedding.

Fewer weddings happen in winter due to the cold weather. But fewer weddings also means that yours will naturally stand out. If executed properly, there are a wide range of winter wedding ideas that can be put to effect.

The best thing about having a winter wedding is that it is economical. You can get more for less. Since most brides opt for the summer weddings, you can get your deals from your favorite vendors.

From flowers to the bakery to the limousines in NYC, winter wedding will get you everything in a cost-effective amount. Winter weddings save you a whole lot of money that can be used in other areas. Here are top amazing 5 winter wedding ideas for New York City brides:

Wedding Bouquet
Winter gives you endless options for a gorgeous wedding bouquet. You can add numerous little things to a classic wedding bouquet. Pinecones, baby’s breath, white ribbons, mistletoes, white hydrangeas and soft ranunculuses can be used to beautify your bouquet. You can even add a few personalized trinkets to given a homey feel.

Hot chocolate bar
For your winter wedding in NYC, you can forgo the classic cold drinks and enjoy the comfort food. DIY hot chocolate bars, spicy mulled wines, creamy eggnog, white chocolate and s’mores bar are in the trend. Comfort food such as lasagna, pasta and warm soups with a winter twist can be served.

Wedding favors
Food favors are always a hit! Winter wedding gives you a range so vast than simple summer wedding favors. You can give hot chocolate in a jar, festive ornament or a test tube. For adorable non-food favors, you can go for pinecone fire starters, funky ornaments, warm blankets, hand warmers and more.

Let it snow!
The best part about winter wedding is letting it snow! You cannot control the weather out there but you can make it snow at bride’s arrival, first dance or the ultimate walk down the aisle. Snow (would look silly in summers) will give a magical effect to your wedding.

Going to Caribbean honeymoons in peak wedding season means getting stuck with the hurricane season. Winter wedding helps you to escape the snowy landscapes and enjoy the Caribbean without any worry.

With these 5 amazing winter wedding ideas, you will have the wedding of the century. If you are looking for limousine rental service in the New York City and neighboring boroughs, then contact Reliance NY Group.

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