2018 top Wedding Trends in New York City

Planning for a wedding is difficult, whether you have already decided the details in your mind or not. Each wedding is different and unique. Planning for such an occasion takes time.

From the major theme to the colors, food and transportation, everything needs to be decided on time.

What most people are worried about is the wedding limo costs?

As the leading wedding limo company, we have a variety of wedding limos. This means that wedding limo costs would depend upon the type of the car chosen. We also offer discount services for the limo car is booked well in advance. Along with the wedding limo trends, there are other wedding trends that make the wedding as well its planning fun and easy:

Decoration of wedding limo
Wedding limos came back in trend a few years ago. They are stylish, practical and perfect for the big day. We have modern white limos and the classic black to choose from. Wedding limo decoration trend includes decorating themio with ribbons, flowers and bouquets. However, many brides and grooms are following the minimalist approach and love to keep the car without any decorations.

Smaller bridal party
Another trend in the wedding industry is of small bridal parties. This means one or two bridesmaids, best man and an usher. It is a move to reduce the number of people involved in the immediate wedding planning circle and even keep the wedding party to the dear ones. This makes the wedding an intimate affair and keeps it in a set budget.

The venue
Unlike the wedding venues in the past, the brides and grooms are opting for industrial wedding venue. While it might not seem romantic, the industrial venue acts as a blank canvas for the bride and groom. This is perfect if you want your wedding in new york city. From twinkling lights, candles, to flowers and DIYs, you can add whatever you want. The option are unlimited.

The latest theme in the wedding scene is minimalistic. Plant arches, living bars and other natural settings and tones are extremely popular. The natural settings include fresh cut plants and flowers, potted plants and more.

Along with industrial venue, the color scheme that goes with it is definitely metallic. Rose gold is last year but with copper and other metallic colors, you can definitely add it in your wedding color scheme.

When it comes to weddings, getting excellent service is everything. We, at Reliance Group, offer deluxe wedding limo services with nominal costs. Whether you opt for a classic limousine, Hummer, Bentley or any other transportation we assure you that your wedding will be a memory that you will will always cherish.