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2018 top Wedding Trends in New York City

Planning for a wedding is difficult, whether you have already decided the details in your mind or not. Each wedding is different and unique. Planning for such an occasion takes time.

From the major theme to the colors, food and transportation, everything needs to be decided on time.

What most people are worried about is the wedding limo costs?

As the leading wedding limo company, we have a variety of wedding limos. This means that wedding limo costs would depend upon the type of the car chosen. We also offer discount services for the limo car is booked well in advance. Along with the wedding limo trends, there are other wedding trends that make the wedding as well its planning fun and easy:

Decoration of wedding limo
Wedding limos came back in trend a few years ago. They are stylish, practical and perfect for the big day. We have modern white limos and the classic black to choose from. Wedding limo decoration trend includes decorating themio with ribbons, flowers and bouquets. However, many brides and grooms are following the minimalist approach and love to keep the car without any decorations.

Smaller bridal party
Another trend in the wedding industry is of small bridal parties. This means one or two bridesmaids, best man and an usher. It is a move to reduce the number of people involved in the immediate wedding planning circle and even keep the wedding party to the dear ones. This makes the wedding an intimate affair and keeps it in a set budget.

The venue
Unlike the wedding venues in the past, the brides and grooms are opting for industrial wedding venue. While it might not seem romantic, the industrial venue acts as a blank canvas for the bride and groom. This is perfect if you want your wedding in new york city. From twinkling lights, candles, to flowers and DIYs, you can add whatever you want. The option are unlimited.

The latest theme in the wedding scene is minimalistic. Plant arches, living bars and other natural settings and tones are extremely popular. The natural settings include fresh cut plants and flowers, potted plants and more.

Along with industrial venue, the color scheme that goes with it is definitely metallic. Rose gold is last year but with copper and other metallic colors, you can definitely add it in your wedding color scheme.

When it comes to weddings, getting excellent service is everything. We, at Reliance Group, offer deluxe wedding limo services with nominal costs. Whether you opt for a classic limousine, Hummer, Bentley or any other transportation we assure you that your wedding will be a memory that you will will always cherish.

2018 Wedding Trends

There are so many wedding trends going on that it has become difficult for the brides-to-be to choose what they want at their wedding.

Along with your entrance in a classic wedding limo, the venue needs to be chic and elegant. From metallic embellishments to the bohemian glam, there is so much to choose.

Here are the trending wedding styles that you can choose from:

Bold metallic accents

The 2018 wedding trends is all about metallic accents such as rose gold, golds and silver. Pair them with chic industrial venue and you are done for the wedding day.

Enchanted woodland wedding decor

If you are perfect with being practical, your love for the finer things wants you to make wedding grand. An enchanted woodland decor will work perfectly for  your wedding. Romantic and lush, you can use repurposed wood for seating and adding edible adornments to the wedding cake.


If you have this amazing ability to communicate, then bohemian glam is just for you. Bohemian glam is the perfect way for you add a double charm to your wedding along with an elegant wedding dress. Think of a beach venue with a unique dress and wedding limo.

Moody details and deep colors

If you are the ultimate lightbearer and mother figure. But are also prone to cyclical distemperment, then this wedding decor is perfect for you. Deep colors and moody details will make your wedding, the “it” wedding.

Eye-catching wedding dresses

Unique and eye catching wedding dresses should be decor of your wedding. Add a bit of warm metal glow and you are ready for your day!

Dreamy wedding dress with bohemian decor

You can express your inner goddess with a bohemian wedding and dreamy wedding dress. This decor can also be added in the food and the seating plans.

Rose gold wedding decor

Rose gold as a wedding decor is trending since last year and is going to stay strong. From shimmery and gorgeous bridesmaids dress to unique desserts and decorative balloons, there is something about the beautiful metal that touches the chord with the indulgent bride-to-be.

Deep violet wedding details

Deep violet wedding details are for the brides who are confident and can pull of the unique styles. The color will give your wedding  royal and regal appearance.

Are you looking for limousine rental service in the New York City, then contact Reliance NY Group. You can arrive in style at your winter wedding in antique Rolls Royce, Rolls Royce Ghost, to Hummer Limousine.

5 Wedding Transportation Tips for Your New York Wedding


Planning for a wedding in New York? If yes, you will definitely seek the best wedding transportation that can make your journey more comfortable and fantastic.

Here, some of the efficient wedding transportation tips are given. Have a look at these tips and make your wedding a memorable event of the life. Unless you are having only one venue with plentiful parking close everybody you know, getting yourself and your guests where they should be is not generally a simple assignment.

Besides, offering transportation keeps any intoxicated heading to a base too. Here are some riding-in-style wedding transportation tips to ensure no one gets left stranded in transit to your rockin’ party.

  • Book individual transportation well ahead of time

On the off chance that you will be reserving a limo, bus, bike etc for your own travel requirements, book it as ahead of schedule as would be prudent, ideally 5-7 months in advance. This is particularly valid if you are the wedding is around prom season (April-June) and you are searching for a formal or vintage auto or limousine.

  • Think outside about the limo

Numerous urban areas have wonderful transport services of which to exploit. Gathering transports, sanctions, vintage Volkswagens, outside trolleys, hearses, and strength transports can be marvellous limo choices that can convey heaps of individuals.

Or, then again, run old fashioned with a leased school transport. School locale will regularly lease transports at very moderate costs.

  • Consider outside cars and buses totally

From the silly (skateboards) to the sublimely dreamy (Batmobile!), we have observed plenty of non-car options in our time. Think bicycles, horse-drawn carriages, helicopters, bike rickshaws, farm equipment, golf carts and more. See further plans here.

  • Take a gander at your rental before you sign

In the event that you are reserving a car, limo, or transport, don’t hesitate to make a request to see the vehicle before you consent to any arrangements. It may not be your correct car, but rather it will be simpler to imagine what you are getting into before you confer.

  • Consider your wedding party

It’s not necessary to pull your team around, but rather it beyond any doubt is pleasant in the event that you can manage the cost of it. This could be an awesome chance to look at the bigger transport/trolley alternatives. Or, then again check whether there’s some homegrown ride-sharing potential if everybody is heading starting with one scene then onto the next.

Consider out-of-towners

Non-local people won’t know the traditions in your area and may require a few hints to enable them to get around. Incorporate some accommodating data in your welcome like taxicab organization numbers, bicycle rentals, and open transportation alternatives. You may likewise need to have this convenient on your wedding site, in the event that you have one.

In the event that you have a lodging square, you can likewise check whether they have any arrangements for transportation to your setting and back (and even to the air terminal, if that is relevant!)

Cheapest NYC Limo Service in the City Of Dreams

The City Of Dreams

Finding the Best and Cheapest NY Limo Service

New York City, a city that was built primarily to realize every dream of all New Yorkers that are busy strutting on the streets, may it be big dreams like being a success with a career or dreams that encompasses moral and social desires like falling in love and have the perfect wedding. As the city itself has turned into a giant dream catcher and even turned into the biggest fairy city godmother for every hopeful individuals, New York City got everything that you could ever hope for. True to this fact, for those bride to be that are quite looking for their perfect yet not so expensive diesel powered carriage, it has been like a dream come true to find the cheapest limo service in NYC without even sacrificing the quality of their matrimonies.

As New York has turned into a mini love city, marriages are quite the next big thing that has never been outdated ever since the 19th century. Thus, it has been expected that year after year, New Yorkers are always on the run to find their perfect weddings without even costing them that much. Since the city itself has definitely paved its way to turn this dream into a realization, various shops and contractual services has sprouted from every corners of the city to cater everything on the wishlist of a couple-to-be. And it may be hard to believe, but one of the things that is on that bucket list is to acquire a rented wedding limo, in which prices are not so off the chart.

Well, if you are dreaming to have the classical wedding, in which the usual white horses are replaced by white wedding limousines, then you can also find these choices that will not surely run you with shoes or even cut some hole on your wallet. There are also wedding limousines that are quite on the contrary than the usual and traditional car for those couple who would want their wedding to be as sophisticated as the finest restaurant in the city. There is absolutely nothing you can ever dream of that will not be realized by the city itself.

If you are quite wondering where to find these heaven handed limo services on your area, you should not worry as there are lots of limo rental services that can definitely turn your wedding into the best an most memorable moment of your life. You can either ask Google about that or even look into your friendliest yellow pages, and you can always find lots of dream catching limo rental services in your area. Or if you do have some newly wedded couples as your friend, you can better ask them on how they realized their wedding limo dream.

Nothing is impossible when you are living in New York. From the realization of your wedding, from the rings that you give, to the cakes that you would cut and even for the wedding gown that you are eyeing out, and of course with the best and cheapest wedding limo service in NYC, you can always have them all, all you have to do is ask and dream about it.

The Evolution of Wedding Limo Rentals

The Ever Changing City

The Evolution of Wedding Cars: From Wagons to Limo Rentals

In New York City, change has become customary among most New Yorkers. They change their wardrobe, their hairstyle and color and even change their friends in a blink of an eye. People in NYC are so much into change that they have been able to leap forward from one generation to another in a single night. If so much is true, you may begin to wonder, “if change has became a customary in the city that never sleeps, can we also expect some changes in the matter of matrimony and weddings, and what changes can be done there for wed couples should definitely look for? Or would tradition kick out the undying change that most people are calling and reaching out?

Years and years ago, even back when everything was black and white, weddings were made and were practiced by all, if not but most, religion to symbolize the unity of a man and a woman.  This practice has turned into an undying tradition that even reached up until the current time. As we travel back across time, we could ever notice that lots of changes were noticeable from the very beginning: from long sleeved wedding gowns to more sophisticated ones, from doing it only on sacred places like churches to doing the wedding to gardens and beaches, and of course from horse carried wagons to the 70’s chevy’s up until the 21ft century’s wedding limousines.

Changes were quite noticeable since then, but most importantly the mode of transportation of the newlyweds and how they can acquire it has been one of the changes that was quite obvious. Before, rentals of limo[that as I know of] and chevy’s were quite unusual but since the advent of the 20th and 21ft century, wedding limo’s were quite handed out by your nearest NYC limo rental services that basically cuts of the price to let you save some stash for your honeymoon . Well, unlike your carriages and wagons before, limo’s are quite much comfortable to wait up until you walk the red carpeted aisle before saying “I do’s”.

As of course, technology has quite somehow created the blueprints on how these cars and mode of transportation for the bride and groom should be made. Before, just pulled by a horse or any 4-legged animal, nowadays, diesel and turbo engines has created a more easier way for the newly wedded couples to cut across the ever busy streets of New York.

Also now, since New York has really updated its transportation for weddings, you can always and easily find the nearest wedding limo rental service in New York City. This made everything a lot easier for most couple, as everything will be prepared out for them. Imagine, the perfect wedding without exerting too much effort to look dragging on the wedding day and not even spending to much as there are tons of cheap limo rental service in NYC. If you think that NYC is on its peak when it comes to wedding, well, just imagine, how change can affect the wedding tradition and even the mode of transportation for the couples in the next few years.

Bringing Out the Best NYC Wedding Limos

The City That Never Spoils

Bringing Out the Best NYC Wedding Limos

With all its countless possibilities and never ending dynamicity, you can always say that New York City is a good place to be engaged. From the best cakes, gowns and the biggest rock a girl could ever show off to every passing stranger in town, to the best NYC limos that can even carry out the most sophisticated wedding gowns, the city that never sleeps can always offer you the best things a bride-to-be can ever hope for and would never spoil any bride and even  to the most monster bride in the city. If your wedding carriage is one of the most radical things that a bride should be placed on their bucket list for the incoming wedding, you may start to wonder: “With the overflowing with choices and off the chart price list of every NYC limos, would there be the slightest chance to un-spoil your big wedding by bringing out the big guns, by which you can pick a ‘your-not-so-typical-but-on-the-top’ type of wedding limo?”

Well, instead of saving too much money to buy or own a wedding limo in New York City, save your frowns and worry lines as you can always call an NYC wedding limo rental service that can provide you with the most convenient ways of processing it without hooking up too much of your savings. With lots of wedding limos to choose from, you can always pick one that would surely fit your theme or may it be colour preferences of your desired awaiting carriage.

Before the bride walks in the aisle on a very slow manner, tying up and enjoying the very last minutes of being a single,  every limo rental service in New York City knows that every bride should and must be treated like a homecoming queen, and thus, comfortable set-up and arrangements are sure to be done before anything else. Basically, wedding limo rental services in New York City are like Netflix for wedding limos, whatever you want and however you want it, they would always serve you every option on a golden platter.

Who doesn’t want their weddings to be flashy, fabulous and talked about, right? NYC limousines are sure to be one important thing to get all attention and all the flashing lights focused on to the bride on her special occasion. From the busiest crowds to the hungry stylists and publishers that are looking for a wedding as perfect as their China wedding gift, everybody would always give a second look or perhaps a click and flash of their camera lights to your wedding if you choose the best carriage for your wedding. With all its countless possibilities, NYC limos has definitely offered something that would make every bride the center of attention and of course, lessen the bills to pay as well.

May it be that you would like to settle for the traditional wedding or the most sophisticated theme, NY limo service would always find its way to make a boom for your wedding. Through countless ways [and wedding limos] that they offer, well, you can kiss to your classical horse carriages goodbye.

The King and Queen and Their Prom Limo

The King and Queen and Their Prom Limo
Bringing Out the Best Prom NYC Limos

Long before the Statue of Liberty has been constructed and way back when city lights were nothing else but lighted candles, there was a time when kings and queens were the ultimate symbol of leadership and political power. Yet, as the ripples of time has created the waves of changes in the society and as candle lights were turned into disco lights and the limelight, kings and queens were much more appreciated on certain levels of occasion, like the ever romantic prom night.  And when there are kings and queens, we cannot seem to forget those grand and nicely built carriages pulled out by the fastest and strongest horses in the kingdom. Yet for prom kings and queens, being the sons and daughters of modernization, carriages nowadays are now powered by diesel instead of being pulled by horses, and so we welcome this generation’s new line of transportation for the royalties: the limo.

Like most teen shows, prom night is something to be prepared by teenagers and teenagers at heart. From their velvety gowns to their pair of shoes, even their make-up and hairstyle, nothing would ever escape from a  prom night check-list. Well, if you were the type of person to be so obsessive about prom and has checked every single detail on your list for your prom, you need to look into preparing your carriage as we speak.  As a way of defining your status in life, NYC limos ensure to uphold your stature as the evening’s king or queen. Well, you haven’t really seen a royalty before banging their head riding a crashed wagon, have you?

Like how royalties should be treated, NY limo service is there to hold your crown in place as you are being driven in a very comfortable manner. From the exclusivity of your ride up until how d=they catch your hand in a very posh manner, your prom night can definitely be remembered all throughout your life. With every beseeching jewel of your jewel crown pieces, you are definitely going to be serviced from home to your prom event with extra caution and its like driving through clouds and buckets of rose petals.

Time may have changed how society may look at kings and queens, but the aristocracy and the posh level still remain. Carriages may have gone extinct and joined the weekly premiers on the History Channel, but NY limousines were surely there to raise you in the prom caste system. Good thing, unlike Cinderella, your prom limo would not magically disappear at the last stroke of midnight. Thus, you may want to have some arrangements with NY limo service to drive you around for the after party [and it’s a must]. Coursing through every bar and after-party locations, your limo can be your guiding light to make sure you do not miss any of the social after party gatherings that are currently happening without even breaking a single sweat.

So, you may want to kiss goodbye to fairy godmother since the NY Limo service is there to provide you a NY limousine that will not eventually turn into a giant pumpkin once you have gone beyond the midnight.

Find Your Carriage For Your Wedding in New York City

The Big Wedding in New York City

The Carriages of the 20th Century: Wedding Limos NYC

Year after year, twenty to thirty something women journey to New York in search for their two great M’s in life: pairs of Manolo Blahnik and the perfect Marriage. If women have the right to shoes and had the knack to store enough pairs to last until the apocalypse, every girl moves on to find their second “M” in life, and trust me when I say, that the reeking progesterone in the city would want to see their wedding as big as possible. And you may start wondering, “if the gazillions of women are eyeing to have their wedding as big as possible, how can it be possible for you to pull out a big wedding in the big apple that is worthy to be printed on your every Sunday Lifestyle section?”

Even before the Renaissance period in Europe, the grandest weddings and women on their wedding gowns are often carried out by the chicest and the most posh carriage that can steal the gazes of the public in a mere single second. And since carriages carried out by a white stallions are quite a cliche and might knock your wedding into History Channel, a big girl knows that the grandest limo’s can bring out the wedding spirit even for those individuals who doesn’t believe in marriage.

As the classical and typical Disney-like carriages are now facing the brink of extinction, limo-carried women in their most fabulous wedding gowns has been the newest trend among weddings in the big apple. With all customizations of the carriages of the 20th century [NYC Limos], you can always try to pick out the best and most suited carriage for your wedding. From the tackiest weddings to bigger and modernized matrimonies, various colors and styles of different cars can easily catch your [and the public, of course] attention.

Not that it can only catch everybody’s attention, but the right style of wedding limos in NYC can bring out the wedding feeling a bride could ever hope for. Being carried by a fully air conditioned and with a comfortable setup, brides can always wait and count the remaining minutes as a single on the most comfortable situation she could ever imagine. Furthermore, as the bride should wait inside her limo passing by the busy streets and crowds of New York, you can never help but adore the spotlights turning to your presence, just like a red carpet is being laid on your every path on an Oscar’s night.

As what they say, “if you can make it here [New York], you can make it anywhere”. The line holds conviction, even with weddings as well. If you have the grandest weddings, and of course, being carried by the classiest and most beautifully adorned NYC limo instead of a “crash-Bandicoot-wagon”, it would always mean that your special occasion could even land on the same page as to where Vera Wang and Oscar De La Renta’s page of the lifestyle section could be found, and would even be labeled as “the big wedding in New York City”.

Get to Your Destination in Style with Corporate Limo Services

When it comes to corporate transportation there are a number of options that business travelers can choose from. However, for those who want to be able to ooze professionalism, relax in luxury, and arrive at their destination in style the only way to go is with corporate limo services. Corporate limo services provide the ultimate in transportation for business people, enabling them to get from A to B in luxury, style, and comfort.

Choosing the right corporate travel vehicle

With a good, reliable, and reputable company you can select from a range of corporate transportation options with something to suit most needs and preferences. This includes everything from luxury buses and coaches through to a Mercedes, Rolls Royce or Bentley. In order to choose the right corporate transportation for your needs you should look at a number of factors, which includes:

The number of people traveling: Whether you are arranging transportation just for a single person or for a large group you will find the ideal corporate transportation for your needs. Make sure you consider the number of people that will be traveling in order to ensure you are able to select the right vehicle to accommodate the numbers.

Your budget: Another important factor when arranging corporate transportation is the amount that you can afford to spend. The cost of corporate vehicles can vary based on the one you select amongst other things, so make sure you take your maximum budget into consideration so that you can choose a vehicle that fits in with your price range.

Features of the vehicle: The features of corporate transportation vehicles can vary based on the one that you select. If you have particular features in mind you will need to check the features of the vehicles you are considering so that you can be certain that it will match your needs.

Competitive pricing: When you are choosing a company and a vehicle for your corporate travel needs you need to make sure you look for competitive pricing so that you are able to enjoy the luxury and convenience of these vehicles without paying over the odds.

Taking all of these factors into consideration will make it easier to determine which vehicle is going to prove most suitable for your corporate transport needs. It will also help to ensure that you are able to get the right vehicle for your needs at the right price.

Get the Bachelorette Party Started Early

For any bride to be arranging a bachelorette party can be a fun and exciting process. Naturally, you will want this special event to be as exciting, fun and memorable as possible, which means getting the arrangements just right from the venue for your party through to arrangements for transportation. When it comes to getting to the chosen venue for your event one way in which you can add a really special touch to the evening is by hiring a limo for the big night. This is a great way to get the party started on what is a very special evening in any future bride’s calendar.

Hiring a limo for your party is a great way of avoiding the need to arrange lifts and cabs to get to the venue, which can be a real hassle. Moreover, it is an excellent way of making the night really special and memorable. When you hire a limo you and your friends will not only be able to travel to the party venue together but you can also get the party started early – as soon as you step into one of these stunning vehicles you will be able to enjoy being surrounded by luxury and you can soak up the party atmosphere as your driver whisks you to your party venue.

Enjoy the luxury and glamour of your limo

Hiring a limo is a great way to get your bachelorette party started, as you will be able to relax in luxurious comfort and really get yourself psyched up the evening ahead. No matter what you have arranged for your party, you will be delighted with the comfort and glamour you get to enjoy in your very own limo. You and your bachelorette group can enjoy relaxing on the plush leather seating, kick the night off with a few chilled drinks from the onboard bar, and soak up the party atmosphere with fabulous mood lighting and onboard entertainment.

Another great thing about using a limo to kick start your bachelorette party is that you get to travel in comfort and style as well as make a dramatic appearance at your chosen venue as you step out of your stunning, sleek vehicle. Of course, you will also have your own professional chauffeur to look after you and your friends during your time in the limo, so you can expect to be pampered and looked after in true bachelorette style.