2018 Wedding Trends

There are so many wedding trends going on that it has become difficult for the brides-to-be to choose what they want at their wedding.

Along with your entrance in a classic wedding limo, the venue needs to be chic and elegant. From metallic embellishments to the bohemian glam, there is so much to choose.

Here are the trending wedding styles that you can choose from:

Bold metallic accents

The 2018 wedding trends is all about metallic accents such as rose gold, golds and silver. Pair them with chic industrial venue and you are done for the wedding day.

Enchanted woodland wedding decor

If you are perfect with being practical, your love for the finer things wants you to make wedding grand. An enchanted woodland decor will work perfectly for  your wedding. Romantic and lush, you can use repurposed wood for seating and adding edible adornments to the wedding cake.


If you have this amazing ability to communicate, then bohemian glam is just for you. Bohemian glam is the perfect way for you add a double charm to your wedding along with an elegant wedding dress. Think of a beach venue with a unique dress and wedding limo.

Moody details and deep colors

If you are the ultimate lightbearer and mother figure. But are also prone to cyclical distemperment, then this wedding decor is perfect for you. Deep colors and moody details will make your wedding, the “it” wedding.

Eye-catching wedding dresses

Unique and eye catching wedding dresses should be decor of your wedding. Add a bit of warm metal glow and you are ready for your day!

Dreamy wedding dress with bohemian decor

You can express your inner goddess with a bohemian wedding and dreamy wedding dress. This decor can also be added in the food and the seating plans.

Rose gold wedding decor

Rose gold as a wedding decor is trending since last year and is going to stay strong. From shimmery and gorgeous bridesmaids dress to unique desserts and decorative balloons, there is something about the beautiful metal that touches the chord with the indulgent bride-to-be.

Deep violet wedding details

Deep violet wedding details are for the brides who are confident and can pull of the unique styles. The color will give your wedding  royal and regal appearance.

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