A Quick Guide For Decorating Your Party Bus For The Occasion

You have been planning an epic celebration in NYC and want to have your all friends there. What do you do? Do you hire multiple taxis or rent a party bus in NYC?

The best thing to do would be to hire a party bus as the gang will stay together and can have fun throughout the night. However, what is difficult to ascertain is the type of party bus to rent.

One of the biggest variables that need to be taken into the account is the occasion. From Quinceañera to birthdays to corporate functions, our party buses are equipped to handle anything you bring in.

While renting the party bus, many people ask us if they can decorate the bus for the occasion and our answer is always yes. At Reliance NY Group, we make sure that our clients are happy with the vehicles they rent and thoroughly enjoy the occasion.

Here are top decorating tips by our experts for different occasions:

Field trips
Unlike bachelor parties, field trips need to be knowledgeable and fun. The children need a fun way to learn. For such an occasion, the theme based on the field trip can be used to decorate the party bus.

Example: for an Aquarium field trip, the children can draw and put the drawing of their favorite sea creatures where they will be sitting. Small goody bags or party favor bags can be created and given to the children full of candies or healthy snacks.

Sporting Events:
One of the most common events for which the party buses are rented are the sporting events. For such events streamers, balloons and banners in the color of the team can be used to decorate. People also add pictures of the team mascots to let others know who they are supporting.

Graduation Or Award Ceremonies:
Another common occasions for which people opt for party bus are the graduation ceremonies or award shows. Whether it is the family spending time together or friends going together for their award function, you don’t need to go wild to have fun. Adding the right decoration such as banners, balloons, and various party favors can funk up the party just right.

Corporate events:
Corporate events are more elegant and chic rather than funky. The corporate colors along with the logo and give goodie bags to put the employees in the mood for the event.

No matter what the event is, the transportation need not be boring. A little bit of creativity can put the guests in the fun mood.

Want to rent a party bus in NYC? We, at Reliance Group, offer deluxe party buses, limo buses and car rental services with nominal costs. You can opt for a variety of party buses, limo buses, classic limousine, Hummer, Bentley or any other transportation. We assure you that your travel with us will be a memory that you will always cherish.