4 Mistakes Not to Make While Hiring Wedding Transportation

Mistakes Not to Make While Hiring Wedding Transportation

Imagine. It is the day of your wedding. Your groom is waiting at the venue and you are stuck waiting for the transportation. Seems like a nightmare, doesn’t it? It is!

As a bride, you’ll have to manage and plan the wedding of your dreams. You don’t want to end up missing something important like wedding transportation or relying on an untrustworthy transportation company.

While your brain is running and planning all the aspects of your wedding, you don’t want to make these basic wedding transportation mistakes:

Don’t hire the amateurs
The first thing you should do is book professional wedding transportation company. Do not go for the amateurs. Do not opt for a transportation company just because you hire them always or your maid of honor had them at her wedding.

Opt for the company that is known for the best services in the wedding sector. By booking the professional transport company, you’ll have the peace of mind through the entire wedding process. You can also opt for arriving with your groom if you are having a casual wedding.

Only considering limousines
One mistake that every bride makes is opting for limousines. Limousines were the “IT” wedding cars a few years back. Nowadays, the bride and groom opt for the cars or transportation mode that suit their personas.

According to the theme and your personality, you can opt for the bicycles, motorcycles, party bus, Bentleys, Rolls-Royce and more. It all depends on what will suit and go with your wedding theme.

A professional wedding transportation company would be able to provide you numerous choices. Make sure you look at them all before selecting the one.

Not reading the contract properly
Do not skim through the contract or make the mistake of not reading it at all. The contract is what binds the wedding transportation to its promises.

You don’t want them backing out or making changes last minute. You might also end up with an extra service fee. Read the contract carefully and focus on each and every point.

Do not leave anything to fate or to the oral promises. Double and triple-check everything before you sign. You can even make the manager or owner explain the points or clauses that you are not sure of.  From the pickup location to drivers name should be present in the contract.

Forgetting  the delays
Your wedding transportation’s timing will decide how the ceremony will proceed from there. If you are late to the church, whole wedding event will be pushed.

Thus, not be late to your own wedding, add a 20 to 30 mins delay time. This means that if you are early, you can wait and in case you got traffic or had some emergency, you will be on time. Only thinking about the wedding day.

Do you still have to book the transportation for the wedding? Are you looking for something other than limousines?

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