Limousine Rental Etiquette

Limousine rental can help make any day special, whether you’re looking to rent a limousine for a bachelor party, prom night or just to treat your loved one to a special journey for a birthday or Valentine’s treat.

Stepping out in style in a limousine can be a good way of celebrating occasions, particularly if you are going to many locations in the same evening, or are looking to arrive in style at a particular venue.

Limos can be expensive to rent though, and can be even more expensive if the night doesn’t go to plan, here are a few things to bear in mind during the evening to ensure you get the best possible experience from your limousine rental:

Be considerate

You may very well be using the limousine to travel around a variety of locations, or to arrive and leave from one destination, but at the end of the night is usually when potential problems will start, particularly if there has been a lot of alcohol consumed.

In short, treat your limousine like you’d want to treat your own vehicle, make sure it’s kept clean and offer to clean up any spillages immediately in order to avoid any additional cleaning charges. Limousine rental companies spend a lot of time ensuring that their vehicles are clean and tidy in preparation for your rental, so try and ensure that the interior of the limo is returned in the same state of cleanliness you boarded it in.

Much like many taxi companies, which are likely to charge for any damage to their vehicles or for having to clean up the interior if you or one of your party vomits inside the cab during the journey home, limousine companies are likely to take the same sort of stance. Make sure that your party are fit to travel before the end of the evening in order to avoid these additional charges.

Make sure to be on time

Limousines will usually be instructed to return to your pick-up destination at a certain time at the end of the evening, so it is paramount to ensure that you and your party are ready to leave on time. If your limo is slightly late arriving to pick you up it is worth bearing in mind that traffic can be a factor, it is best to bear this in mind at the end of the night and to contact the limo rental company immediately if there are any lengthy delays.

Make sure to tip your driver

Be sure to tip your limousine driver at the end of the evening to show gratitude for a good service, particularly if the service you have paid for involves the collection and loading of luggage. Ensure that you treat your driver with the same respect that you’d expect to be shown if you’re picking up friends, particularly at the end of the evening.

If there have been any issues during your rental it’s important to address these the next morning with the rental company, as any damage to the vehicle is likely to be billed to you – either for cleaning or for damage such as broken seats or windows.

By being considerate during the rental and ensuring that you and your party are well behaved during the rental you can get the best from your experience while avoiding any additional fees.