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Blend Of Economy & Style- Know More About Limo Types Before Hiring One

Do you have any special event coming up? An engagement party,  a wedding,  a romantic date, or even an important business association meeting. If yes, then there is nothing better than hiring a limousine. You can’t beat it for ease, Style and Luxury with Economical Limo Rentals in New York.

Cheap Limo Service NYC

Not only this, if you want to see one of the most beautiful cities of the world, New York, then also hiring the limo is the best option for you. If you are worried about the price, you will be delighted to know that the fare of these limos is very affordable. The limo services  in New York are available at very reasonable prices. So, an average person can easily afford them.

It would be better to say that limousine services have come a long way all over the US and even across vital cities across the globe. People do not think of Limo services as an unaffordable entity. Instead, they have begun considering it because of the class and image a limo service and even the cost is worth it.

A reputed limousine service will have a proper fleet with different kinds of Limousines on the list. It would be a good approach to examining with the Limo rental service on what types of limos they have on offer.

Different Limo Types Available For Hire:

  • The Standard stretch Limo: This is the very basic type of limo which comes to mind when you consider Limousines. It can carry 6 passengers easily along with the chauffeurs. Most of the times, the  stretch limos are converted Bentleys, which are quite formal and used for one of the vital events like weddings and funerals. Not only this, these are the most rented of all limos. You will be astonished to know that the fare of renting them does not cost a fortune. But still, it is preferred by the older generation.
  • The Hummer: The Hummer Limo is one of the most popular types. The majority of people prefer this for their occasions. These are very unconventional. They come in various jazzy colours and they can support quite a load.
  • The SUV Limo: The SUV Limo have become one of the most traditional options for those trying luxury transportation.  These are excellent for groups surpassing 10 passengers and generally, serve as prom limousines and wedding limousines. With their unique appearance, these luxurious rides will ensure that you and your party arrive and leave in class. One of the main renting factors of SUV limos is also that they are recognized for offering superior comfort. They also usually come with more facilities than standard limousines.
  • The Tradition standard Limo: These limos show total class and style. They have superb plush interiors with all the trappings wanted by a Head of State or a billionaire oil sheikh.

Therefore, whatever limo type you choose, make sure you make the booking in advance to avoid any last minute discrepancies.

Add The Flavor Of Panache To Your Special Occasion With The Right Limo

Limousines are considered as an imperative part of every wedding celebration. Luxury limousines do an excellent job in adding style, charm, and royal feeling to a wedding. You rarely see a wedding without Limo Rental Service in New York

NYC Limo Rental Service

That is the main goal behind growing fashion of limousine rentals for wedding celebrations. In fact, a significant part of limo rentals customers come to hire luxury and comfortable limousines for any extraordinary celebrations. These kinds of celebrations provide a major part of revenue for limo rentals service providers.

But there are some very important factors which are essential to consider before registering a limo for any special event. Let us take a look at some of these factors in the following points:

  • Hiring Limo services may be a complicated task for a lot of people. The process can really be the frightening task for a lot of people. There are ample number of providers who provide limo car or bus rentals.
  • Normally group travel is fun. It is also cost effective as the cost goes shared between the people who are all going together. As well as if you are going as a family then all can have fun and no one has to tolerate the inconvenience of driving long distance.
  • All reputed car rental companies have a fleet of sparkling cars as well as fully qualified and experienced drivers. There are several limo rental companies which seek to attract customers with wrong claims of low-cost services.
  • Most of these sort of firms have hidden costs or there is some type of the flaw in their service. Go for a limo service provider which is acknowledged for its outstanding service. Take help of internet so as to understand about limo rental service providers in a special area.
  • Be careful as regards which firm you choose. There are a lot of firms which offer services for a niche segment. They might be providing to only to hi-end customers.
  • Then there are many firms which just provide Party Bus Rental Service in New York for weddings etc. It is desirable to check out the area of specialisation of a special company before you book any service with it.
  • It is better to clear all your doubts in advance, cutting a sorry picture later on isn’t a good idea.

Cheap Limo Rental Service NYC

Sometimes, people think that why they choose the only limo for their special events? The answer is quite simple, as the occasion is such an extraordinary occasions of one’s life and they want to make them one of the most extravagant.

A limousine performs the perfect job in this respect. Nowadays it has nearly become a trend. Limousines are also used to drive guests from their hotels to the event’s venue and back to the hotel after the event is over.


Winters are one of the special times in New York City. There is no city more beautiful during snowfall than New York. The lights have never been brighter and crowds never so thicker.  The parks and streets covered up with white blanket of snow. The air of festivity is thick and with so much to do in this beautiful snowy season, it is beneficial to have a Limo rental on hire in NYC. Rent a limo on hourly basis and ask your chauffeur to take to these happening events that are bound to charm you.

New York - NYC

With steamy themed bashes, ice-skating and concerts happening this winter season, there isn’t no limitation of choices of fun things to do this winters. The true beauty of New York in winters is reflected from 39th to 59th Street, where you would find the brilliantly lighted up department stores such as Henri Bendel and Saks. Excited yet? Hire a luxurious limousine for your family as a special treat and explore these killer options you can savour this beautiful season:


rolf-restaurant NYC-jpg

Rolf Restaurant is lit beautifully with crystal icicles, enchanting ornaments and dazzling Christmas lights. The hundreds of tiny pieces decorating this place are rather alluring and simply take the breath away at first sight. Have a special dinner and mulled wine in this attractive ambience that would certainly bring a special feeling of festivity.


New York Fashion Week 2017

If you are a fashionista and want in with the elites of the fashion world, fret not. New York Fashion Week 2017 is just the thing for you. Happening from Feb 9-17, the event is invite only but general public can attend free events of New York Fashion Week, and get noticed by the bloggers, fashion editors and stylists.



Titillate your senses by delectable hot chocolate and seasoned ale available at the Outdoor Winter Brew House. With the entertainment of the year – skate performances, waltz done by immaculately dressed up people – keep the rollicklling current going.


Sara D. Roosevelt Park

The sparkly explosives, colourful dance and mouthwatering Chinese food; it can be a unique and rather interesting celebrating Chinese New Year at the Sara D. Roosevelt Park on January 28th. Better not to miss the Lunar New Year parade that is held on Feb 5.



The coming January, Winter Jazzfest 2017 will be held over series of five nights. As long as the club isn’t packed up, there is always room for an entry through a wristband, which is your ticket through any of the shows. This marathon is held at multiple locations in the Greenwich Village.



Want some fun and frolic with good food and drinks? Beer, Bourbon, & BBQ Festival is your answer. Sample the barbeque delicacies and drink beer and bourbon, spread throughout the venue. This annual party at The Tunnel, Chelsea at 28th Jan, enjoy the exquisite dishes such as zesty ribs and tender pork brisket specially cooked by masterchefs from the South. Interested yet? There is even a Bacon Eating Contest with all-you-can-eat whole roasted pig. Enjoy the exquisite food with rare bourbons.



This Winter season from November 11 to January 2 in the Radio City Music Hall, get your tickets for the most dazzling event which has it all – Nutcrackers, flying gists, dancing and singing animals and superb special effects to go with it. And the most spectacular of all – The Rockettes with their high kicks and cheers. A must visit show, which is bound to lift your spirits and take you to another world journey.


New York Antiquarian Book Fair

A well awaited fair for all the antique lovers, New York Antiquarian Book Fair showcases works from about 200 vendors in the grandest New York City halls. Get blown away by the books dating back to the fourteenth century and numerous collectable with illustrated books of hidden gems.



The trained, primped and beautifully groomed pups would steal your heart with their amazing performances across seven divisions of the competition. About three thousand dogs participate at this annual canine festival. Try to score a ticket for this show in advance. (The alternate option is watching this show on TV.)



After all, winters aren’t really complete without skating at least once. The classic activity since decades, the ice rink at rockefeller centre remains marvellous place for ice skating in New York. Drink hot lattes, take pictures of your family with iconic Christmas tree at Rockefeller Square.

Be Active While Choosing A Limo Rental For City Tour

If you have never visited a New York city before, possibilities are you have no idea what you are missing and capturing a great look at the city is in order. Nevertheless, navigating a city can get difficult, particularly for the people who mostly live out of towns. You can catch a cab or bus, but these methods of transportation can get very costly and very hectic.

Limo Rental NYC

Hence, one of the most appropriate ways to see the city is by employing Professional Limo Rental Services in NYC. A great thing which you can utilise is limo chauffeurs are remarkably experienced at driving in the areas they are assigned.

Another benefit of hiring a limo is  as cities look like an illusion to drive through when you aren’t used to such a huge amount of congested traffic, but a professional limo driver can navigate through the maze of  cars, trucks, buses, and walkers with accuracy.

Although there are a number of limo rental companies in The New York City but it is pretty vital to select a trustworthy and reliable company which can make your trip more comfortable and safe. Hence, in order to make your trip one of the memorable events, you should keep in mind some important things. Have a look:

  • Professionalism

A professional limo rental organisation will entertain its consumers with respect and calmly answer each and every question they may have. If you think you are being brushed off or remark the sales rep giving false answers that should raise a red flag.

  • Authorising and Insurance

No reputed limo company will attempt to sneak any parts related to its services like licensing and testimonials and will quickly create such documentation when asked for.

All limousines need to be licensed by the Department of Motor vehicles before being offered for rent. Most significantly, the vehicle requires being registered covering damage due to mishaps or any kind of other reason.

  • Contract information

It’s always a wise approach to visiting the rental office in person and sign a contract with the company. The contract should cover all features of the event and include the chance of a no show or late arrival.

This idea you are convinced of your money and the vehicle showing up on the expected time and date without having to complain later on.

Top Places To Visit During Christmas eve in NYC

Christmas festivities are on their way and with that comes series of Christmas parties – office parties, thanksgiving party with family and friends, numerous cocktail parties with business associates, etc. Festivities are going on at full blast and with your plans of attending the events, it is crucial to hire a reliable Limo rental service in NYC, where you can let go and have fun without any worries.

Roll Royace - Limo Rental NYC

Luxurious Transport

Imagine how fun and frolic it would be if you just forgot your worries and relish the Christmas holiday with your friends in total panache! Limousine can be a safest bet with which you can be assured of your welfare and enjoy drinking Cider wine in Christmas celebration parties and not having to worry about driving home after drinking. The most classy and posh transport, Limousines are the epitome of trend and style incorporated in one vehicle. Not only it would impress other guests but it will also add to the feeling of festivity.

Christmas Dinner party in NYC

Chritmas Dinner Party

This Christmas season, there would be dinner parties left and right and when celebrating this eve with your friends and relatives, be sure to hire a limo to visit these events with grace. You would be able to go home safely after the fun you had at these parties.

Chritmas Sightseeing

That time of the year for which we all have been waiting for, has the most beautiful decor and the lively events going on through the New York City. And it seems only fitting that you hire a deluxe limo to visit some of the most happening places in the city. You can visit the following mentioned places to enjoy the festivities:

  • Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree
  • Union Square Holiday Market
  • Chelsea Market
  • 5TH Avenue Holiday Window Shopping
  • Wollman Rink, Central Park

Christmas limo rental NYC

Chritmas Travelling

Yet, if these are not for you, then a break during the Christmas holiday is a good idea.

  • Hire a comfortable limousine that can take you somewhere quiet where you can relax and de-stress. Perhaps a spa break is what you need.
  • If not, you can simply take the limo for a swing and visit all the friends and enjoy the festivities with them.
  • You can also take the limo to airport and visit the place you had marked to visit and see the Christmas lights in some other state.

Chritmas Day Trips

Kicking off the Christmas day with a splendid Limousine taking you these spectacular places can make this day forever special.

  • Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show – Something not be missed, this twenty three year old traditional event offers a grand show. You can watch a miniature train zipping through the model NYC, passing through the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and Rockefeller Centre. Make sure to reserve the show prior the Christmas.
  • Bryant Park Holiday Shops – Take a different take and visit Bryant Park Winter Village. With 125 shops through decorated tree lined park, it adds a zing to the Christmas eve.
  • Lincoln Centre – Visit the Lincoln Centre and get bedazzled by the Nutcracker Ballet by George Balanchine. It can certainly add a spice to usual Christmas festivities.
  • Empire State Building – Last but not the least, don’t forget to take a limo stroll towards the Empire State Building which sports red and green lights on the top of the skyscraper.

With a classy limousine on hire, you can enjoy the Christmas festivities like no other and have an assurance of having a reliable chauffeur driving you around to your destinations and back home safely.

Wedding Diaries: Preparations for perfect dream wedding

Wedding is one of the most special day of the bride and groom. This is the day you would reminisce for the rest of your life. And to make this day a success, there are preparations that have to be done in order to make sure that everything goes smoothly. The beauty is in the details and following tasks should be taken care of before the special day arrives

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner can help you get the wedding reception of your dreams. They have a  knack of covering even the tiniest details of the occasion. They also have good connections in the industry which can help you choose the best services in the business, may it be the catering company or decoration services. To have an expert guiding you with all the planning can be really helpful.

Wedding Venue

You can choose a place that has a special significance for your relationship or you can simply choose popular spots in the town that are famous for wedding receptions. If you book a banquet hall for your reception, ensure that it can accommodate your guest list and then some more. You don’t want to be unprepared due to some surprise guests visiting your party.

Wedding Gown And Bridesmaids Dress

Prepare well in advance for the dress of your dreams. The gown has to be just perfect. For that you need to have it made beforehand and have your final fitting few days before your wedding. And the dress for bridesmaid should also be made weeks in advance. Make sure to select the flowers you want to carry.

Wedding Cake

Choose a reputed baker to have your wedding cake made. Have the cake tasting part done with your groom. The cake decoration should also be intricate. According to your taste and decorations, you can select a cake design that matches the theme. The cake toppers symbolize you and your groom, so you can give your ideas to the baker about the kind of look you want it to have.

Wedding Limo

Hiring a perfect transport for yourself and your party guests that fits the majesty and elegance of the wedding occasion is important. And nothing better than a stylish limousine to complete your royal feel on this special day. The chauffeur dressed in a tux would steer you and the guests from the reception hall to the venue. Flute glasses and champagne , and bottled water, all these added services provided by many limo service providers would be appreciated by the guests. Make sure to hire limousines according to the number of guests. Hire the services of a reputed limo rental company in NYC that provide best service at cheap price.

Make Your Ride In Limo ‘Inexpensive’

You have a great weekend coming up and you are going to take your family out for a night on the town in a limo. Does this mean that you have to break the bank and spend a lot of money? Not at all. Now, it’s the time to take a wise decision and get a great deal from the limo services that are available in your area. By choosing these services you can save a lot of money and utilise more in small amounts.

It is very true, Limousines encourage up any event and make about an element of class to complete the occasion. But if the limousine is in poor shape or the services furnished by the company are not up to the mark, then it can spoil all pleasure of the event.

As the market is flooded with a wide number of limo rental companies, it becomes significant to do a good research to make sure that you select the perfect limousine rental company so that everything goes easily.

Here are few essential things that you must pay attention to during selecting to select a limo company with reliable and Cheap Limo Services in NYC:

Having A Great collection of limos:

It is quite vital to make sure that the company has an enormous collection of limos to offer for rent. More variety means you would get more alternatives to pick from.

Just having a tremendous fleet of limos is not sufficient. Also, find out whether the company holds the latest models of limos such as brand new 2007 models of Lincoln etc or not?

If the company has just 10 or 15-year-old rusty Cadillac to give, then it is the best to accost another company. You should completely check out what are the possibilities available to you before you decide to let a limo from a particular company.

Always Examine The reliability Of The Company:

The quality of a company depends on the level of professionalism it represents while rendering its limo services.  Always prefer a company which has a great reputation in the market and which are capable enough to fulfill all your demands. Factors, which matters a lot are as follows:

The conduct of the chauffeurs, Punctuality,  cleanliness of vehicles, facilities available in the limo etc. A reputed, responsible and a reliable company always ensure all these factors.

Whenever you are going to choose the limo services, check out the testimonial on the company. You may also contact with those people who have already used that particular company’s services.

Investigate about The Discounts:

If you are hiring more than one vehicle for any event, always make sure about discounts as many companies grant discounts if you hire multiple vehicles from them. Also, make interrogatories concerning extra charges and alcoholic refreshments and all.

Feel Royal With The Professional Limo Service At Your Doorstep

Limousine is the classic mode of travelling which allows the passenger to feel royal. Getting to your destination in a flair and impressing your guests with your premium choice of transportation is one of the perks to hire a Rental limo in NYC.

Whether the limo is for a birthday bash, or for sightseeing purpose, wedding transport or wine tours, limousine offers you amazing option that can help you travel in style and safety. Here are few tips you can utilise to hire the right limo rental services:

  • Reviews And References:

Check the reviews given by the previous customers online. Take references from your circle for a reputed limo rental service. This is the best way to know about the work of any company.

  • Years In Business:

The best way to ensure that everything is perfect for your transportation is to hire limo company that has in depth expertise in transportation. The limo rental company ensure that everything goes smoothly without any glitch. Also check the experience of the chauffeur.

  • Fleet:

There are numerous options for you to choose from. You can go for Stretch limos, BMW, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Party Bus, Bentley Mulsanne and many other exotic vehicles. A decent limo rental company would always provide you with wide range of vehicles to choose from.

  • Limo Rental Charges:

The limo companies have a series of charges that they add on the base rate. Tolls, fuel charges, and there are many other charges that vary from company to company. Make sure to get a clear picture from the company so you are not surprised later on. The final charges should be inclusive of all the other fees.

  • Safety Factor:

Check the license and the certification of the limo company. You do not want to be held liable afterwards, so it is better to check these important aspects earlier. The chauffeurs should have professional training.

Following these factors, you can rest assured that the quality transportation you chose, is the one you get later on.

Limo Rental NYC: Safety Tips While Hiring One

Limousines have always been considered as a luxury vehicle for many rich and famous people. In earlier times, it was very hard to see any unknown faces or non political members to ride a limousine. However, times have gone through a drastic alteration.

These luxury cars are now accessible to common people, even for those who would never afford one in their dreams. The limo rental in NYC avails such an opportunity to hire these luxurious cars at an affordable charges.

Limousines are born with a status symbol. These cars could convert a nice occasion spectacular. They turn heads and make everyone say “who’s that behind those smoky windows?” if you hire a rental car then you could be that person “behind those smoky windows”.

There are numerous option in NYC to select limousines as per the occasion you are renting for. However, finding the Cheap limo service NYC is a tough task.

The main purpose of limousines is to add luxury in your mundane life. However, one must be aware of the safety precautions while contacting any limousine rental company in NYC. A few major things that needs to be kept in mind are mentioned below:

  • Look for the registration and documented proof of the limousine Car service provider.
  • Ask the company about the routine drug testing of the driver.
  • Make sure to check the license of the driver.
  • Contact them to keep your specifications, clear and simple. Ask for the exact car that you will be using for the specific day.
  • Always take proper care of your valuables. Do not, ever, leave them in your absence.
  • Follow all the alcohol laws in the country. Keep in mind that passengers less than 21 years of age are not allowed to drink alcohol in the limousines.
  • Ask for the clientèle references before hiring the vehicle from the limousine company.
  • To find the reputed service provider, It is vital to check with the industry association certification of the limousine company.
  • Make a detailed note of every important factor of the hired vehicle. Count the number of seat belts, look for inspection stickers and even write down the VIN so that the company does not switch vehicles for you.
  • Collect all the information about the cancellation clauses provided by the agency. It’s important as some companies do not refund your deposits while any type of cancellation due to inconvenience or urgency or failure of time and mileage to reach your pick up point.
  • Ask about the prom promise to the limousine service provider to ensure more safety to the passenger. This is a document that teens sign in agreeing to the terms and conditions mainly involving not drinking and taking drugs on prom night.
  • If you are hiring a limousine for occasions such as weddings, do not book the limousine to its maximum capacity. This would make your ride uncomfortable.
  • Limousine could have breakdowns too. Talk to your service provider beforehand regarding the arrangement of an alternate ride if such a situation arises.

The above mentioned points are the most significant user safety tips. You ought to consider all these before making the final decision of limo rental in NYC.

Be sure for a complete research of all varieties of limos that are available. Proper researching could help you to weed out the undesirable options in front of you.