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4 Things You Should Do While Booking Your Wedding Transportation

Deciding transportation for the wedding is tough. Every small detail needs to be planned. An unplanned wedding often leads to chaos.

While selecting the wedding transportation there are a few things that need to be answered. You will have to decide if the bridal party will travel with you or you want to hire different transportation for them and what kind of amenities you want in your wedding transportation?

At Reliance Group NY, we make sure that you choose the right vehicle for your special occasion.

Here are a few things you should know:

While your driver does not need to know every single detail of your wedding, it is important that you map out the details down to the second. Our wedding limo comes with a chauffeured driver that will make sure that you are always on time.

Creating a timeline will help you map out the places where you will spend the majority of your day and at what time you would need to be there. The driver will help you save time and make sure that there is always extra time for emergencies. If your wedding is in the prom season or around a major holiday, make sure you start your transportation search as early as you can.

Wedding transportation is often thought as one of the biggest parts of the wedding budget but it is really not. Our limos are not only affordable but have a class unmatched by other wedding transportation companies. Before you go in and book the limo, see the limo, sit in it and make sure that you have enough room for the bridal party.

The Fine Print
Once you have created a map and found the right limo, you need to read the fine print in detail. The written agreement that would be signed by you and us will include the total cost, refund, gratuity policy, deposits required and more. The agreement will include the inclusive price. Make sure you always need the fine print.

Prepare Yourself
Once you have booked the limo and finished with the formalities, you would need to email or fax your timeline to ensure that the limo driver can take you on all places without any problem. All our drivers are well versed in the routes and have the ability to quickly move through the traffic.

We, at Reliance Group, offer deluxe car and wedding transportation rental services with nominal costs. You can also opt for party buses, limo buses, classic limousine, Hummer, Bentley or any other transportation. We assure you that your travel with us will be a memory that you will always cherish.

Planning to Attend The Events in NYC Rent a Limo

Upcoming Events You Can Attend In New York City

The City of Lights, New York has myriads of feasts for art lovers and party people looking for a full blown fun. So before hiring a limo for any event or occasion read some of the helpful tips which can help you to Choose The Right Limo Service.

And make sure to Hire a limo service in advance for cheap prices and explore this epicenter of excitements.

This metropolis has a bunch of upcoming events this spring that you must not miss. Take a swing in your Limo at these exciting upcoming events:

Take A Ride To The Bloody Mary Festival:
You and your friends can rent a limo and chill out at the upcoming Bloody Mary Liberation Party on April 9 at the Grand Prospect Hall.

The connoisseurs of Bloody Mary drink can enjoy six different drinks from Kings County, including Skylark Bar, Catfish and Iron Station and much more. Drink and dance to the beats of the Afro Latineers and Sabor.

Bacon And Brew Anyone?
If you are into relishing 30 bacon dishes and about 100 craft brews, then this is the event is something you must not miss. Take your limo to the Citi Field, Queens on April 29-30 and enjoy the all-you-can-eat contest with your pals with some of the most succulent dishes from prominent national and local restaurants like Barburger and Delaney Barbecue and taste cider from well-known breweries.

Garden Party With Wine And Daffodil Flowers
Being one of the hippest events of the spring, the New York Botanical Garden will showcase 300,000 Daffodil bulbs on April 29-30. Ask your chauffeur to swing the limo towards the Bronx-based New York Botanical Garden. Sip state of art wine with folk-rock tunes humming in your ears. The flowery breeze and wonderful view of colourful pansies and tulips, wild flowers, daffodils, and ferns are something you must not miss.

Movie Buzz At The Lower Manhattan:
Are you and your friends a die-hard cinephile? Then this event is just for you!! Take your limo to the Tribeca Film Festival in lower Manhattan and enjoy this fest which will continue from April 19 to 30. Located near it are multitude bars and restaurants where you can relax and dine.

Enjoy Resplendent Art At Frieze Art Fair:
Are you an art lover? You and your family can enjoy the dreamy displays of artworks from 130 international galleries from May 5-7. Take your limo to the Randall’s Island Park and enjoy the creative art pieces that you had always wanted to check out.

Have A Taste Of Japanese Culture At Sakura Matsuri Fest:
If you are thinking of planning something exotic in the near future, then think about attending Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival. Take your limo to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The event will take place on April 29-30. The striking cherry blossoms, a special Japanese Tea Room, a flea market and an art gallery can show you real colors of the Japanese culture.

The delish Raaka choco, silk wraps, and other Japanese sweets would be available along with other entertainment factors such as Samurai Sword Masters, dance parties, cosplay actors and stand-up comic acts are going to be the highlights of the show.

All-you-can-drink Fest For Beer Enthusiasts:
What more can a beer lover want, when there is about 100 exclusive beer batch offered by the most eminent breweries of New York. Take a swing in your limo towards the Well, Williamsburg on May 12.  Finback Brewery, Gun Hill Brewing Co., and Grimm Artisanal will be offering delectable beers and there would be a live band to spice up the event further.

For these amazing events, make sure to hire a rental from your favorite limo services provider and ensure that you have glamorous wheels for these dates.

Wedding Transportation Tips: Make Royal Entrance With A Limousine

Wedding Transportation Tips

Your wedding is a special milestone that calls for a special transportation. With everything planned in advance, the wedding planning can seamlessly, without a glitch. But during the process, don’t forget to hire the wedding limos in New York wedding.

Limousine can add a touch of glamor and style to the most special event in your life. Put some time to choose the right limo, to make that memorable day flawless. Below is the information you need to hire the impeccable wedding transport:

Advance Booking:
Remember to never go for last minutes rush for booking the limousine. Not only would you get a very limited number of choices, but also there is a chance that you might not get the limo on the desired date.

In the wedding season, good models are always booked a month in advance. It is wise for you to book early. Start research soon for avoiding having to choose from the leftover limited selection.

Compliment Your Wedding Theme:
Your wedding transport should complement the theme you have chosen for your wedding. For instance, if your wedding has a pink theme, then you can request a pink limo. If the wedding is a classy and elegant affair, then white stretch limousine would compliment it. Ask the company to include the extra things including chocolates, champagne, and chilled water bottles.

The reputation of the limo company you are hiring should be good. The chauffeurs they employ should be licensed and well experienced. Check the vehicle’s air conditioning and seating. Everything should be pristine condition.

After you decide on the model, the next and the last thing is to sign a contract of safekeeping. This will ensure that you have your limo at the designated time and date. Follow the above-mentioned tips and enjoy arriving on your wedding day in a perfect jazz and relish in that head turning moment when you step out of the limo.

Beginner’s Guide To Hire Wedding Limo Rental

Wedding Limo Rental Guide

Wedding preparations can be really strenuous and manage everything in advance can be a challenging task. While in midst of the preparation, it is essential that you don’t forget to book your limousine in advance from a reliable wedding limo rental service in NYC. It is essential that you book the limousine at least two to three months in advance.

When hiring a wedding limo, you have to consider certain factors according to the requirement of the event.

Number of passengers
Model of limo
Distance to be traveled
Luxurious amenities
Duration of the transport

There are many benefits of booking a Limo in advance. One of them is that you can avail various discount packages provided by limo rental companies for various occasions. The second one is, you can select your vehicle from a big pool of vehicles.

Getting a limo on spot would give you only a limited number of choices. The third benefit is that you can be stress-free and have a transport at your disposal, without worrying if they will not be available on the designated date.

The number of passengers can help you get an idea for the number of vehicles you need to rent for the wedding day. There should always be an extra space for additional members. Tuxedos and gowns require more space, so hire a spacious limo with good legroom in it.

Inform your limo services provider about the number of guests and the duration for which you would require their services. According to that, they would charge a flat rate or charges for the number of hours.

Before hiring the limo rental company, it is crucial that you ask them certain questions so you can fully trust in their abilities to ensure you have a pristine transport without any issue. Ask them about:

Guarantee Of The Timely Arrival: If they are willing to take a guarantee that they would present the transportation in a timely manner, then they are trustworthy.
Servicing Of The Vehicles: Ask them if they have the vehicles serviced on the routine basis.
Licensed Chauffeurs: The chauffeurs should have proper training and a valid license for the safety of the passengers.
Air Conditioning: The air conditioning of the limousines should be in good condition.
Backup Vehicle: In case, something goes wrong with the vehicle, then the limo rental company should be able to offer a quick solution, so excessive time is not wasted.
Insurance: The limousine should be insured. Check all the certifications carefully to see if they are legit.

In order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding about the reservation, schedule and the details of the service, you should request a written contract with all the decided details stated clearly on it. That would help you get an insurance about the reservation.

Taking care of the rental transportation in advance can allow you and your guest to travel from the ceremony location to the reception party in a glitch free way.

How to Choose the Best Limo Rental Service – Simple Guide

Helpful Tips to Choose the Best LIMO Service

When you are planning for a family ride, the first thing that strikes in mind for such a ride is Limousine. With changing trend in the society, people are using limousines for all sorts of occasions, including business meetings, honeymoon, prom, corporate event, wedding or simply for a vacation.

Hiring a Limo is a difficult task as sometimes people misjudge in choosing the service. This may end up compromising with what they have got. If you are located in the New York City, you will come across numerous limousine service providers across the area. There are many aspects that need to be considered while selecting Limos rental in NYC.

Choosing The Right Limo Service

There are lots of things that you have to take into consideration to avoid any compromising situation at the end. Some of the procedures that you may consider while choosing the limo service are discussed below:

  • Type of event
  • Hourly charges
  • Number of people
  • Type of Limo
  • Determine your budget
  • Discounts and packages

Tips For Hiring A Limo Service

  • Book early
  • Talk directly with the limo company
  • Be as detailed as possible while providing information to the limo company to avoid any confusion
  • Get everything in writing

Benefits Of A Limo Service

Figures prove that limos are fast gaining popularity and are the most inexpensive mode of traveling nowadays.

  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Luxurious comfort
  • Efficient and professional service
  • Value for money
  • Safe and secure

Almost a majority of service providers offer limousine service 24 hours and 365 days a year. Thus making it easier for you to hire the service in accordance with your needs and affordability. There are various features that you must look in while hiring a limousine service. Some of them are listed below:

Color TV with a DVD player

  • Privacy partition
  • Full-size wet bar
  • Complimentary drinks
  • CD player
  • Sunroof, etc.

Nowadays, limo companies can be spotted easily in and around New York City. Not all of them are acceptable. To ensure that quality service is offered to you, look for the reviews, services, the variety of fleets offered etc. before making the final choice to have the service you desire.

Leave The Old Methods, Now Pick The New Wedding Transportation Ideas

New Wedding in Limo Transportation Ideas

A marriage a is a new beginning of life, a new starting point of bliss and suitability. So, it’s your responsibility to make your wedding a memorable moment. But, how?

Usually, everyone gives priority only to the decoration. Then whether the decoration belongs to the wedding place or person. But do you know, apart from this, there is another way by which you can make a wedding event unique and add a touch of royalty and chic to it?

If you seriously wish your wedding to be unique and add your own style to it, replace the traditional wedding transportation with brand new and classic transportation ideas.

In simple words, instead of using old modes of transportation, go for “wedding in limo“. It will offer you not only preserved, luxurious, comfortable journey but your guests will also be impressed by a Bentley or Cadillac.

Why People Choose Only Limo For Their Special Event, i.e. Wedding?

Fame: Limos have always been observed as one of the most luxurious as well as comfortable vehicles that are only chosen by the rich and famous personalities.

Only a few people of the VIP status own limos and can afford to travel in them every day. That’s the reason when one hires them especially for a wedding that absolutely raises the status of the occasion and the couple in question.

Style: Any wedding seems better and more stylish when freshly polished glistening limos are joined with the event. They look outstanding with the couple and the guests dressed to kill and can be a classy addition to the complete event that can assist people to feel royal.

Visions: When all is done and ordinary married life starts, people will always look back at their cake and the limo ride, drinking champagne and wine at the back with their partner and imagining the big dreams about their life together.

There will always be those picture frames on walls, as desktop wallpaper on your computing devices, or in the family photo album. These memories are valuable and will leave a lasting impact with the couple for the rest of their lives. Hence, it is imperative to make sure the limo chosen is the right one and satisfies both completely.

Surely after reading all these points, you will not resist yourself to chose the limo rental services for a wedding occasion.

Worried about the cost, if yes, you will be pleased to read that these limos are available at a very economical price. Anyone who wants to hire can easily afford them.

Not only this, you may also utilize special wedding discounts. For example, if your wedding is in the fall of winter, you can get special deals on classic wedding cars. They tend to be more costly during the spring and summer months due to high demand. These are the main seasons for weddings to take place.

So, don’t be worried about the cost, just choose your favorite limo and make your wedding a memorable event of your life.

Choosing The Right Limo Vendors For Your Event.

There are many limo service and party bus rental in the NYC region. And since there are many service providers, the wrong one can ruin the perfect occasion. These problems can however be avoided. If you follow certain measures, then surely you can avoid the problems later on. Here are few guidelines that help you choose the limousine:



The companies that have been in business for a long time tend to provide more attractive services including excellent customer support. They will provide you different marketing strategies.


The company that provides excellent fleet for the clients with many different vehicles. They even offer advice on what kind of limousine would be suitable for the client. The More vehicles they have, the more choice for the transport you will have.

Well Trained Chauffeurs

The chauffeurs of the company would have special training and have courteous qualities. There are limousines that even provide uniformed chauffeurs for events, weddings, bridal showers, office parties. They are very professional and you can depend on them for transporting you in style and safety.


The limo rental company understand the different requirements of their customers. They offer additional services too, along with the transportation facilities. They have necessary knowledge of the area layout and would take you to your destination in the safest and the most comfortable route.


The time limitation that suits best to your own interest should be the one that choose. Avoid the hastiness in choosing the vehicle and the timings. Check the event schedule properly as the problem in timings might even lead to penalty or cancellation.

 Whichever vendor you choose, make sure that they have good reputation as the vehicles and the mode of travelling can be an important part of the event planning and execution.